Guest blogging is a new concept that is also called guest blog posting.

6 Quality Indicators for Guest Posting-cover
6 Quality Indicators for Guest Posting-cover

The majority of website owners allow us to publish our articles as guest authors on their sites. Sometimes they publish it as if they wrote the post themselves. This allows us to direct the audience of that website to our website via some hidden or obvious links. This is guest blogging because we mainly post our articles in the BLOG section of these websites.

Guest blogging is so widespread that almost all website owners with high domain ratings sell “links” to those needing a quality backlink. The options are greater than ever, and you should check all quality indicators before buying a guest blog posting service.

Some guest blogging posts can actually hurt your SEO if they come from low-quality or spammy websites. You should also aim to obtain permanent links, as most of them have a one-year warranty.

The Six Indicators of High-Quality Guest Blogging

How will you know you did the right thing? Did you pay for nothing, or will you really get benefits from the guest blogging service?

Guest Blogging Quality Indicators-infographics
Guest Blogging Quality Indicators-infographics

The answer to effective guest blogging is checking indicators before paying anything. Indicators for guest posting are measurable, and you can easily check them before buying a guest posting service. They also help you compare different guest posting services and choose the best one for your needs and target audience.

The indicators for high-quality guest blogging posts are:

  1. Domain Authority (DA)
  2. Domain Rating (DR)
  3. Monthly Traffic
  4. Niche Relevance
  5. Site Age
  6. Majestic Trust Flow
Check before buying a guest post
Check before buying a guest post

Importance of Domain Authority (DA) in Guest Blogging

The Domain Authority (DA) concept belongs to MOZ. The DA score of any website can be checked with the free version on the MOZ website ( This is a complicated numeric number that is calculated by trust score, spam score, site age, backlink data, traffic, and the size of the site, and it is the most important indicator that will give clues regarding the quality of the guest blogging process.

When purchasing any guest posting service, you should look for sites with a higher DA than your own, preferably above 10 or 20.

Domain Rating (DR) of Ahrefs

The domain rating (DR) concept belongs to Ahrefs. Some SEO strategies can easily manipulate the DR value of a website. If you are just looking at DA and DR values without going deeper, you may end up with a guest blogging service that will turn into garbage after 3 months.

Guest blogging is a newly emerging market, and people are aware of its market value. Therefore, you can find thousands of people around that sell “backlink packages” or that can guarantee to increase your DR score by +40. Because they know that people just look at DA and DR values, they do not check the domain through paid tools like Semrush and Ahrefs.

Without checking the website’s backlink structure in detail, the DR value means nothing by itself. But if you have the chance to check the DR details of the website, you can perfectly understand if that website gained that score organically or through some black-seo moves. If the website is clean, has grown organically, and has a high DR score, you can comfortably go with that guest blogging service.

When purchasing any guest posting service, you should look for sites with a higher DR than your own, preferably above 10 or 20. Always remember that the DR score is determined mainly by backlinks.

You can check the DR of any website using Ahrefs’ free tool:

Organic Traffic for High-Quality Guest Blogging

How will you know if the guest blogging website is getting organic traffic or fake traffic? Your instincts do not work here. You should check the traffic values from other sources.

Check the company’s domain in terms of their keywords in 1–10 Google results. If the website has many keywords ranked 1–10 in their keywords, then this can be an indicator for you that shows the quality of guest blogging. I will not explain the importance of Google search results here, but use them manually to make an estimate of yourself. You can also ask for search console proof from the guest blogging provider.

You can also check the traffic of any website using SimilarWeb’s free tool: or Ahrefs.

Niche Relevance is Really Important

Any backlink that will bring you zero hits is useless, and you should not spend your money on this guest blogging service.

The guest blog posting should be relevant to your niche. You can simply write your keywords and check the website for these keywords or similar keywords in a Google search. If the guest blogging website is not rated at all, it may not be efficient for you.

There is no free tool for this. You should check the niche relevance of any guest blogging website by browsing through its content and keywords.

Site Age Sometimes Works

The age of the site is often seen as unimportant for effective guest blogging. This is somewhat true because some new websites can perform miracles in just a few months. However, not all websites are as successful as others. You should always be wary of new websites with extremely high DA, DR, and traffic metrics. Stability is vital for an older website, and it will send a positive signal to search engines.

Any website’s age can be determined using Whois’ free tool: or the Wayback Machine.

Majestic Flow of Trust in Guest Posting

Majestic Trust Flow is Majestic’s property. Based on the quality of its backlinks, this indicator can reflect the credibility of a guest blogging website. The Majestic Trust Flow score is extremely similar to Ahref’s DR score, and the same conditions apply.

You can use Majestic’s free tool to check the trust flow of any website:

More Indicators

When purchasing guest blogging services, if the price is very high, you can further check the following:

  • The quality and originality of the content,
  • The placement of your links,
  • Anchor text of the link,
  • The price and turnaround time of the guest blogging service,
  • The reputation and reviews of the provider, and
  • Ensuring the website does not belong to a private blog network (see. PBN dangers)

Ultimately, you should aim for guest blogging that provides value to both your website and the host website’s audience.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable guest blogging service from Türkiye (formerly Turkey), please check out our “High-Quality SEO Guest Posting Services.”

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Questions & Answers

Guest blogging providers evaluate a site’s DA and DR by using the tools of MOZ and Ahrefs. These metrics can provide an indication of the site’s authority and influence in its niche.

Monthly traffic is vital when choosing a site for a guest posting, but only if it is ORGANIC traffic. Websites with high organic traffic will significantly improve your website’s traffic as well as the quality of its visitors.

Pelotek always focuses on organic traffic. We examine all website analytics, including organic traffic figures. We all know that any guest blogging service that provides no traffic in the short or long term is pointless. As a result, we thoroughly examine the content of our guest blogging websites in our database and struggle to match your topic with the guest blogging website.

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