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Pelotek LLC, a Wyoming-based sourcing agent, specializes in providing product sourcing from TurkiyeEnglish to Turkish translation services, and Turkiye-focused digital marketing services to non-Turkish clients. Our experienced team actively operates in Izmir, Turkiye, managing our sister company, Virago Kimya Paz. San ve Tic. Ltd Sti., which was established in 2007 and has extensive experience as a retailer, wholesaler, and manufacturer in Turkiye.

Our Team & International Expansion

About Us
About Us

Our dedicated team of four, led by founder Sule Miktatoglu (You can follow her at Linkedin), has been working together since 2007. Initially focused on the Turkish market, we’ve always considered offering product sourcing from Turkiye (formerly Turkey)English-to-Turkish translation services, and Turkiye-focused digital marketing services internationally. In 2022, we ventured into the global market. Our initial success on Fiverr, where we completed 26 projects in just 2 months, convinced us to pursue more independent avenues.

Unparalleled Sourcing, Translation, and Digital Marketing Services

By leveraging our deep knowledge of the Turkish market and strong local connections, we aim to provide unparalleled sourcing services for clients interested in importing from Turkiye. Our website will keep you informed about various Turkish sectors, offer product quotes, establish contact with Turkish companies, and more. We focus on product sourcing from Turkiye because we understand its competitive advantages in many sectors.

Amazing is not enough to describe Pelotek’s work, they are the only contact you need if you are trying to start a business with the Turkish market.

Ahmad Sharif / United States of America

Connecting Buyers with Manufacturers as a Sourcing Agent

We maintain close relationships with Turkish manufacturers and suppliers, allowing us to obtain quotes and product details efficiently. With our extensive database of completed manufacturer profiles, we can easily match buyers with the right partners through our Turkish supplier search.

France - textile sourcing testimonial
France – textile sourcing testimonial

English to Turkish Translation Services

In addition to our sourcing services, we offer professional English-to-Turkish translation services. Our experienced translators can provide accurate translations for your official documents, ensuring their legal validity in Turkiye. Please note that we do not use any machine-translation applications.

United-States – Certified Translation Testimonial

Türkiye-Focused Digital Marketing Services

Pelotek also offers Turkiye-focused digital marketing services, including guest posting, article writing, and link building with Turkish blogs and forums. These services can help you reach your target audience and improve your online presence in the Turkish market.

Germany – Content Writing Testimonial

Client-Centric Approach & Resources

To ensure the highest quality of service, we encourage our clients to share their specific needs with us. We are always ready to listen and assist, even if you don’t make a purchase. Our website also serves as a valuable source of information on Turkiye, with regular updates and insightful content.

Join the Pelotek Community

We invite you to join the Pelotek community. If you’re interested in doing business in Turkiye (formerly Turkey), please register our website and experience our dedication to fulfilling your needs. For inquiries about specific products or product groups, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Pelotek LLC

Discover Our Services

We provide a variety of services related to Turkiye or the Turkish language. Our services go far beyond the below categories. Please contact us if your needs are different than those offered below.

We source Turkish products and services

Your sourcing agent in turkey
Your sourcing agent in Turkiye

Our team successfully completed more than 200 sourcing projects on various international platforms. Please contact us if you are looking for the Turkish manufacturer of your product.

We Provide Manual English to Turkish translation

English to Turkish Translation Services
English to Turkish Translation Services

Our team leader has been in the translation and editing sector since 2007 and we are proud to provide the best English to Turkish translation services.


Turkish Content Writing Services
Turkiye-focused SEO & Digital Services

You will boost your product’s or your company’s visibility in Turkiye with our dedicated and careful backlinking and marketing services.


Tell us what you are looking for related to Turkiye. We provide very affordable starter packages. Please check our “Services & Pricing” Page to get an idea of our services.

Questions You May Ask About Us

We are an LLC with headquarters in Wyoming, USA. Our team consists exclusively of native Turkish experts who live in Izmir, Turkey.

Our team has been in the product sourcing business since November 2007. We started as business consultants, helping small and medium-sized companies grow and sell their products more efficiently. We have extensive experience in marketing, cost reduction, and supply chain management. Our team has visited hundreds of manufacturers in Turkey and Europe, giving us a deep understanding of many industries.

Our company ensures transparency in pricing and fees by accepting no commissions and working only through our website. We have no hidden costs or fees. Unlike many other Turkey sourcing companies, we don’t make secret agreements with Turkish manufacturers. Instead, we objectively search for the best match for our clients, using our extensive databases and industry knowledge. We always put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and do our best to find the right Turkish manufacturer for their needs.

Our company offers a range of services for importing from Turkey. We focus on identifying and connecting our clients directly with Turkish manufacturers, without being a middleman. We ensure flawless communication between our clients and the Turkish manufacturer or exporter. Before suggesting a company to our clients, we evaluate its exporting capacity and quality. If we don’t have many options, we provide a detailed report explaining the current situation of the companies.

In addition, we offer Turkey-focused SEO services for those looking to promote their brands and sell their products in Turkey. We also handle English to Turkish certified translations and notarian approvals for our Turkey sourcing clients.

We specialize in product sourcing and generally do not purchase products on behalf of our clients. Instead, we enable our clients to purchase directly from the manufacturer without a middleman. This ensures transparency and cost-effectiveness for our clients.

Since 2007, our business has been operating in Turkey. On Google.com.tr, type “Virago Kimya” to find out more about us. We specialize in producing and distributing highly concentrated flavors for alcoholic beverages and mixed drinks like whiskey, gin, vodka, and raki, as well as fragrances for personal use and in homes and cars. Our company has a research and development division, and our goods are sold on well-known Turkish online stores like Trendyol and Amazon.com.tr.

What sets our company apart from other product sourcing companies is our commitment to ethical business practices and transparent communication. Our founder has 9.5 years of business consulting experience and specializes in working with small and medium-sized enterprises. We only accept orders when we are sure that we can provide the best service to our clients. Unlike 95% of other sourcing companies, we do not go after commissions. Our focus is on providing the best possible service to our clients and building long-term relationships based on trust and mutual benefit.

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