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FAQ on Product Sourcing Agent Services

No commissions behind your back. We have a strong sense of ethics and professionalism. We never accept commissions from suppliers without your knowledge or consent. We source products with integrity and honesty. We only charge a reasonable service fee for our sourcing services.

Here are Pelotek’s owner’s experiences that can help you decide:


  • A 100%-owned limited company on business consulting for 9 years.
  • Provided consulting to more than 250 companies (mainly SMEs).
  • Visited around 150 manufacturers and/or production facilities in Turkey and Europe.
  • 68 trainees
  • 4 work completion certificates issued by governmental institutions with a total amount of $78,000
  • 6 municipalities with a long-term agreement
  • Project Manager at the Izmir Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Artisans for 2 years
  • Marketing Expert at Izmir Governorship for 1 year


  • Online e-commerce sales for 7 years (50% partnership)
  • Importing and exporting operations (we mainly import from the States and Malaysia and export some parts of our products to Germany; we know the procedures)
  • Three websites for affiliate marketing
  • Translation from English to Turkish and vice versa

We are a team of four people, and each of us is ready to help you. If the product is being manufactured in Turkey, make sure we find the right supplier! Our scope goes far beyond general internet searches.

We can source pretty much everything on the premise that the product is made in Turkiye. Contacting us before placing an order is essential because we provide a free assessment to determine whether we can assist you.

You can check out some of the testimonials we have on this website. We are project-oriented people and see each sector as a project.

Please get in touch with us and ask if we can source your particular product or product groups and offer Turkiye-related sourcing solutions in order to avoid cancellations or waste of time on both ends.

We employ our own product sourcing techniques and use our real contacts in Turkiye. As a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer in Turkiye for 7 years, we gained valuable insights into the Turkish sectors, manufacturing, and exporting processes.

After checking your sector and creating a database of Turkish manufacturers, we create a list of manufacturers with whom you can work.

We focus on companies that have export experience. This is not true across all industries, though. We typically prefer to call the company as a starting point for communication.

We have a checklist, and the tasks are distributed among our team members. After all the needed data is collected by the team, we get quotations and finalize the order.

Under the “Services & Pricing” page, we offer you a selection of service packages. Please select the service you need from the options under the “Product Sourcing Agent” category.

We currently export to Germany. Although we are able to export from Turkey for you, we prefer not to act as an intermediary.

We are the best at business consulting, and this is what we do. In rare cases, we can help you, but in general, this is not a service we can offer to all clients.

We can well undertake product inspections. However, we need to use our resources efficiently. If the chosen Turkish manufacturer is in Izmir, where our company is based, we may offer this service.

Our experience has shown that quotes from Istanbul or the Anatolian region of Turkey are the most reasonably priced. As a result, we frequently have to outsource this service. For a small fixed service charge, we will offer advice and assist you in locating a trustworthy and qualified person to examine your products.

Yes. Based on our experience with Turkish government institutions, we can tell if the company is legit or not. We further check the companies from chamber registrations before starting our product sourcing process.

We also ask for some certificates and permissions during the quotation process. In most sectors, legal certificates matter more than physically inspecting a product.

Please contact us via the contact form, WhatsApp, or e-mail. We will assist you in selecting the correct service package or provide you with a custom offer.

If you have a strict price range, we kindly advise you to check out these services: Turkish Supplier Identification: 1 Product and Turkish Supplier Identification for Product Groups

Our service fees vary based on your needs. If you have a strict price range or you just need us to determine the Turkish suppliers, we will provide you with a list of five Turkish suppliers with their contact information for $40, including taxes. If you want us to conduct negotiations and get price quotes for your product, getting 3 price quotes from up to 5 Turkish suppliers for 1 specific product, including the shipment costs and contact information, is $85.

The price slightly increases when you look for particular product groups. Getting quotes for a specific product group is a hard and time-consuming process. Please contact us before placing any orders. Listing the basic contact information of five Turkish suppliers/manufacturers for one product group costs $55. Lastly, getting 3 price quotes from up to five Turkish suppliers for one specific product group (up to 150 products) costs $160.

Supplier identification is completed in a maximum of one week. However, expert negotiation and getting quotes may take up to 15 days. 

We generally include shipping costs in our quotes. However, there are situations when our customers want to buy from several manufacturers. In these cases, we either contact a shipping consolidation company or convince one of the sellers to undertake the whole exporting process and provide a temporary storage area.

Pelotek LLC focuses mainly on sourcing Turkish products and services. We plan to sell our company’s products as well, but this is not our main purpose for the moment.

As you can guess, the shipping costs will vary depending on your location. We are well aware of the shipping costs at the moment, but the prices change every day. So please ask for a quotation for shipping.

If you have purchased a service, you can cancel your order within 6 hours after placing it. If you bought a physical product from our website, you have 30 days to return the product. Please read our Refunds and Returns page.

Yes, we do apply coupon codes to modify your order. We are a transparent and flexible company.

Our SEO and digital marketing services are Turkey-focused. This means if you want to promote a website, a link, a product, or a social media post—you name it—in Turkey, we are probably your best destination. This is because of our extensive experience in product sourcing and our persistent efforts in affiliate marketing.

We can create your product descriptions in Turkish, compose your posts in Turkish (Turkish content writing), get you reputable guest posting services, and give you monthly SEO backlink services for new websites. Our prices are affordable.

500 words of SEO-friendly Turkish content with relevant media elements and a meta description is only $25, and this service is delivered in 3 days (standard package). Please check other options for Turkish content writing. 

With our “Turkish expert product description writing service”, you can have a 300-word SEO-friendly Turkish product description for 3 products (premium package) for $45 and delivery is 2 days.

High-quality and safe guest posting services are provided based on MOZ DA values and other factors. In our guest post services, we prepare professional content for you with matching stock photos. Our guest posts are PBN-free, and we allow you to check the content, media, and linking websites before publishing anything. Our service fees for Turkish guest posting are between $55 and $250.

Monthly SEO backlink services are only for new websites. Based on our own research and experiences in affiliate marketing, we kindly give some advice and apply a plan for a new website. This service is for only 3 months and has a monthly cost of $485.

We love detailed reporting, so everything will be reported to you.

No SEO expert can guarantee you a specific position in the search results. Please keep in mind that your site’s traffic depends on a number of variables, and we cannot be held responsible for things over which we have no control. Try to keep the loading time of your website under 2 seconds and fix any technical issues. Since our work is totally manual, white-hat, and professional, you may start seeing the results in 2-3 months.

Yes, you can change any of our services by just getting in touch with us.

faq on Translation Services

We have a team of four people, two of whom have 10 and 17 years of translation experience, respectively. In addition, we outsource some of our translating needs to experienced translators like us. We can provide you with samples if you are not sure about the quality of our translations.

As long as we can read the text, we can translate it from English to Turkish. Of course, we prefer .docx and .ppt documents.

Translation fees are determined based on the number of words and the difficulty level of the text. We provide a detailed price list for each of our translation services. As an example, a 500–600-word general English–to-Turkish translation costs $42 including VAT. Certified translation fees are a bit higher than those listed under “general translation services”. As an example, a 500-word certified translation for individuals costs $66. If you need a notarized copy, we charge a fixed service fee of $40, and the remainder is paid directly to the notary.

Delivery is 3 days for up to 1500 words. Please contact us if you want an express translation.

Yes, we do provide certified translations in the English-Turkish language pair. Please check out our detailed service descriptions here.

Yes, we can provide you with notary-approved translations. We actively work with two notaries in Izmir, Turkey. Please read other details on “Notary Approval for Our Certified English-to-Turkish Translations

FAQ on Pelotek Sourcing Agent Services
FAQ on Pelotek Sourcing Agent Services

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