Notary Approval Service for Our Certified Translations


Our notary approval service will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your translations are accurate and legally valid. Only if we have translated your legal document can we obtain a notary’s approval for you.

Notary approval for certified translations costs $20 per page as of July 2023. The notary signs both the translated and original documents, requiring a minimum of two pages. Our service fee is $40, regardless of the number of pages to be notarized.


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A crucial service that helps assure the translation’s accuracy and legal validity is the notary approval service for our certified translations.

Our Notary Approval Service

Official documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic transcripts, legal contracts, court documents, and immigration paperwork frequently need certified translations. To be accepted as legally binding in the target nation, these documents sometimes need notary approval.

Notary approval-infographic
Notary approval-infographic

Our notary approval service will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your translations are accurate and legally valid, whether you need certified translations for personal or professional needs. To find out more about our notary approval service and how it might help you, get in touch with us right now.

Pricing for Notary Approval

Pricing for Notary approval-infographic
Pricing for Notary approval-infographic
  • The prices were calculated based on the number of pages.
  • The notary requests the translated document be accompanied by the original document and signs both pages. Consequently, two pages are required as a minimum for notary approval. The price includes both our service charge and the legal notary fee.
  • The cost of a legal notary is roughly $20 per page. This amount is paid directly to the notary. This is the current price as of July 2023. Each year, the notary fees are adjusted in January and July. The prices will be updated appropriately. The service fee will remain at $40, regardless of the number of pages to be notarized.
  • The service charge reflects the time it required for one of our certified translators or a salaried staff to physically travel to the notary and obtain the necessary notary’s signature and seal. That can require a full day. Our flat rate service price is $40.
  • This cost does not include the cost of our translation. Hence, you should pay for the translation.
  • We make an effort to limit the number of pages that need to be notarized. To cut down on notary fees, try to submit the original pages on a single page. Just before you place an order, we’ll walk you through the process. Please reach out to us right away.
Turkish Notary approval of the translation
Turkish Notary approval of the translation

When is Notary Approval Required for Certified Translations?

When Notary approval is required
When Notary approval is required

A notary public is a qualified person who has been given government-issued authority to witness and confirm signatures on legal documents. The notary public confirms the translation’s legitimacy.  Be advised that not all certified translations require a notary’s signature. To explore whether your translation actually needs to be notarized, kindly get in touch with our qualified, experienced translators.

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We cannot randomly notarize any translation into Turkish. Therefore, you have to purchase one of the below services in order to be eligible to utilize this service:


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Pelotek LLC

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December 2023


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