Turkish carpet manufacturers constantly produce carpets and rugs, either by preserving centuries-old Anatolian motifs or by converting to production in keeping with the minimalist modern style. This historical context is significant because, when you explore deeper into the carpet themes, it becomes clear that these motifs have significance and must-follow rules.

By simply looking at the motifs on the carpet, an expert Turkish carpet manufacturer can readily recognize which region or even which country the carpet belongs to. From machine-made marvels to authentic Turkish rugs, these manufacturers offer a broad spectrum of products to cater to different tastes and budgets.

Leading Turkish Carpet Manufacturers

The top 10 Turkish carpet exporters
The top 10 Turkish carpet exporters

It is difficult to list the top Turkish carpet manufacturers. To designate a Turkish carpet manufacturer as the best, we need to know your preferences, pricing range, and material specifications.

Turkish Hand-Woven Carpet Manufacturers

In the Turkish carpet industry, clustering is frequent. Hand-woven carpets, for example, are typically produced in Turkey’s Anatolia area. However, as compared to Turkish machine-made carpets, the export of Turkish hand-woven carpets is quite limited.

For three years, Pelotek has provided consulting services to the Demirci district municipality and 29 well-established Turkish carpet manufacturers (these carpet factories are 100 years old on average). We have considerable expertise in the carpet sector, and we have conducted extensive research in this area.

Machinery-made Turkish Carpets

Turkish carpet exports are typically from Turkish carpet manufacturers in Gaziantep. This city is essentially Turkey’s machinery-made carpet capital, producing internationally known brands such as Artemis Carpet and Atlas Carpet.

If you want to search for Turkish carpet manufacturers, type “Türk halıları” in the search bar. You will get hundreds of local results.

Aside from this, there are significant Turkish carpet makers such as Merinos Carpet, which I would describe as having a more modern look, and Koyunlu Carpets.

Factors in Choosing the Best Carpet


When choosing a carpet, it is very important that you decide on the carpet’s visual appeal. Do you like traditional motifs, minimalist patterns, or futuristic designs?

Some Turkish carpet samples
Some Turkish carpet samples

If you send us any carpet designs, we can tell you which Turkish carpet manufacturers have designs that are similar to yours. Then you can look through their catalogs. We can obtain quotations for you if you settle on a model.

Method of Production

It is not enough to locate your carpet based solely on appearance. The production method is also important. Carpets made by hand are quite valuable. The manufacture of machine-made carpets, which resemble hand-woven carpets but are actually machine-made, has surged in the previous 20 years. People are now turning to goods that look nice but are cheaper, rather than goods that are permanent.

Turkish Carpet Manufacturers
Turkish Carpet Manufacturers

You must first select whether you want handmade carpets, machine-made carpets, tufted carpets, or hand-tufted carpets before applying to Turkish carpet manufacturers.


If you have refined preferences and are looking for permanent or even antique carpets, I recommend contacting local carpet makers and requesting a catalog. If you are seeking carpets that are less expensive but of higher quality, you should check into machine-made carpets. Don’t forget to look into tufted carpets as well. Despite price differences, the most expensive carpet is always handmade. The price of the carpet rises as it grows in size.

Turkish Carpet Manufacturing Industry

As of 2022, the Turkish carpet sector ranks 18th in Turkey’s exports, accounting for 2.75% of overall exports.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Commerce General Directorate of Export’s 2022 Carpet Report, Gaziantep has the highest number of Turkish carpet manufacturers. Following that, Kayseri and Istanbul come. Demirci Carpets, with whom we have worked for many years, are well-known in the country, but they have struggled with international branding. I recommend that you read the case study that I will publish on this topic. The ones we worked with were the most difficult group among all Turkish carpet manufacturers. I’m sure we would have progressed much faster if we had conducted carpet cluster analysis in Gaziantep.

Non-Turkey Locations to Buy Hand-Made Carpets

If you want to buy a handmade carpet but don’t care about the country of origin, I recommend looking in India, China, and Nepal. Since attending an international carpet trade fair, I’ve had the opportunity to inspect hundreds of Turkish hand-made carpets, as well as Chinese and Nepalese hand-made carpets. The fact that these countries’ handmade carpets are half the price of Turkish handmade carpets may have dampened interest in Turkish handmade carpets.

Aside from that, please keep in mind that handmade carpets are made of wool, are healthier and fireproof, and have unique designs. Remember that the manufacture of handmade carpets and diamonds is comparable; in both cases, workers are working under harsh conditions and for very low wages. If you are emotionally motivated to purchase an Anatolian motif, then contact us, and we will send you some traditional designs from Turkish hand-made carpet manufacturers.

World Leader in Machine-Made Carpets: Türkiye (formerly Turkey)

Turkey leads the world in machine-made carpet exports. Traditional hand-made carpet making began to lose competitiveness as Turkish carpet manufacturers shifted to machine-made carpet production. You may, however, consider purchasing handcrafted carpets as an inheritance for your children. They are quite valuable.

You do not need to furnish your home with handmade carpets if your budget is limited. Machine-made carpets also come with a warranty that lasts at least ten years.

The Carpet Sector Report of the Turkish Ministry of Trade and Industry, which I linked to above, contains statistics on carpet export figures. Please see our Turkey’s Sector Reports: English Summaries service if you want us to summarize this report in English for you. If you’re only interested in a few specifics rather than the entire report, leave a comment, and I’ll gladly respond.


Whether you’re a retailer looking for wholesale Turkish carpets or rugs or an individual seeking an authentic Turkish rug to elevate your home decor, Turkish carpet manufacturers offer top-notch products that perfectly encapsulate Turkey’s rich cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship. Therefore, when considering a rug purchase, consider the remarkable work of Turkish carpet manufacturers. If you are confused, simply contact us or leave a comment.

If you want to learn more about sectors, please check out “Sectors in Turkey” category on the blog page. My next post in this category is “Turkish coffee roaster manufacturers.

Rug vs. Carpet: What’s the Difference?

Rug: normally smaller than carpet, comes in numerous sizes, is hand-made and unique, considerably more expensive, more durable, healthier, and increases in value with time (becomes antique). In Turkey, the majority of families, including mine, have inherited 100-year-old hand-made carpets from their ancestors. I have a 102-year-old hand-made carpet and a 16-year-old carpet that I use (as a gift from Demirci Municipality for my contributions to the Turkish carpet industry).

Carpet: commonly used for wall-to-wall carpets; they are supplied by size; there is a predetermined m2 price; and you bargain based on this unit cost.

I called it carpet throughout the post since I worked extensively in the hand-made carpet sector, and these two terms are used interchangeably in the hand-made carpet sector. Furthermore, practically all Turkish carpet manufacturers produce wall-to-wall carpets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Turkish carpets are known for their superior quality, intricate designs, and the cultural stories they tell. They bring a unique combination of traditional weaving techniques and contemporary aesthetics. 

Look for manufacturers with a strong reputation for quality, check their certifications, ask for samples, and read reviews from other customers. 

Yes, many Turkish carpet manufacturers offer rugs at wholesale prices, making them an attractive option for bulk buyers and businesses.

Yes. We actively worked in the Turkish carpet sector for about three years, and we have official work completion reports related to our projects aiming to improve Turkish carpet manufacturers. In addition to the Turkish carpet sector, we are also experienced with global carpet manufacturers and how they handle the production process. If you decide to consult us on Turkish carpets, please read how we operate as a sourcing agent.

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