Turkish aluminum manufacturers had an export volume of $6.7 billion in 2022. This significant trade volume was in aluminum bars and profiles, as well as aluminum sheets, plates, and strips (source 1).

In this post, I will introduce the 10 biggest Turkish aluminum manufacturers with a say in exports, as well as data about the Turkish aluminum sector.

Turkey’s Raw Aluminum Manufacturer

Turkey’s only primary aluminum manufacturer, Eti Aluminum Inc., was incorporated into Cengiz Holding within the scope of privatization in 2005. A manufacturing facility in Konya Seydisehir that generates aluminum from ore alone meets 10% of Turkey’s aluminum needs. The facility processes 550,000 mt/year of bauxite ore and can produce 400,000 mt/year of aluminum hydroxide and 260,000 mt/year of aluminum oxide (alumina) using its own production of aluminum hydroxide. Eti Aluminum also manufactures and sells aluminum ingot, t-ingot, round ingot, flat ingot, alloy ingot, hot roll, sheet, strip, etc. (source 3).

Turkey’s Raw Aluminum Manufacturer
Turkey’s Raw Aluminum Manufacturer

Turkey’s Operable Bauxite Reserves

The following list shows the locations of bauxite reserves in Turkey. The figures reflect the operational reserves (not the total of visible, probable, or possible bauxite reserves).

  • Seydisehir-Akseki: 31 million tons
  • Mugla-Milas-Yatagan: 17.5 million tons
  • Tufanbeyli-Saimbeyli: 9.8 million tons
  • Zonguldak-Kokaksu: 5 million tons

Please note that 2 tons of alumina and 1 ton of metal aluminum can be obtained from approximately 4 tons of bauxite (source 2).

Top 10 Turkish Aluminum Manufacturers

Turkish Aluminum Manufacturers
Turkish Aluminum Manufacturers

In Turkey, around 1,500 businesses work in various aspects of the aluminum industry. Total employment is estimated to be around 35,000 (source 1). In the construction industry, about 75 Turkish aluminum manufacturers work in the extrusion sub-industry (source 2).

Let’s have a look at the top Turkish aluminum manufacturers who have differentiated themselves through great products and services. There are hundreds of aluminum firms; I developed a list of the oldest. In the comments section below, you can ask about any aluminum company. In this industry, many of the company names are strikingly similar to one another.

Astas Aluminum Industry and Trade Inc., Istanbul

The company was founded in 1974. It is one of Turkey’s top 500 industrial enterprises. Its facility in Corlu has an annual manufacturing capacity of 24,000 tons. Astas Aluminum was the third Turkish business to export the most aluminum bars and profiles in 2016. The company employs 375 people and manufactures 11,000 tons of anodizing, 6,000 tons of powder coating, 800 tons of thermal insulation, and 200 tons of wood coating per year. Astas Aluminum provides profiles for a wide range of industries, including furniture, automotive, white goods, and medical equipment.

Akpa Aluminum Industry Trade Inc., Istanbul

The company was founded in 1986. With its 115,000 m2 plant in Sakarya, it holds a significant position among Turkish aluminum manufacturers. The plant has an annual capacity of 70,000 tons for aluminum extrusion, 45,000 tons for aluminum billet casting, and 30,000 tons for aluminum anodizing. It manufactures door-sliding systems, which are regarded as architectural systems, in addition to aluminum profiles and aluminum composite panels. The company employs 900 people and is one of Turkey’s top 1000 exporting enterprises.

Assan Aluminum Industry and Trade Inc., Istanbul

The company was founded in 1988. As a leading name in the flat aluminum industry under the umbrella of Kibar Holding, it has an annual installed sheet and foil capacity of 360,000 tons and an annual aluminum painting capacity of 60,000 tons in roll painting facilities. Furthermore, it is one of Europe’s two largest manufacturers, with a capacity of 130,000 tons for aluminum foil production. According to the ISO 500: Turkey’s Largest Industrial Firm 2022 ranking, Assan Aluminum is the 39th largest industrial company in Turkey. It employs 1700 people and exports to over 70 countries.

ASAS Aluminum Industry and Trade Inc., Istanbul

The company was founded in 1990. Assan Aluminum is Turkey’s 53rd largest industrial enterprise on the ISO 500: Turkey’s Largest Industrial Enterprise 2022 list. The company exports to more than 90 countries and has 3000 employees. Annually, it manufactures 90,000 tons of aluminum billet, 75,000 tons of aluminum profile, 40,000 tons of anodized profile, 24,000 tons of powder-coated profiles, 150,000 tons of aluminum flat goods, 150,000 tons of casting, 140,000 tons of rolling, 60,000 tons of foil, 45,000 tons of painted sheets, and 35,000 tons of PVC profiles.

Sahinler Metal Industry and Trade Inc., Ankara

This Turkish aluminum manufacturer, which has been around since the 1970s, is one of the 500 largest industrial enterprises in Turkey. Their website claims that they are the market leaders in secondary aluminum production in Turkey. The company can create around 190,000 tons of secondary aluminum per year from recycled waste and other materials. It manufactures alloy billets, alloy ingots, T-bars, billets, deoxidant ingots, and deoxidant granules.

Sistem Aluminum Industry and Trade Inc., Istanbul

The company was founded in 1994. The facility’s 95,000 m2 are used to produce two primary lines of merchandise: (1) aluminum extrusion profiles for use in construction and industry, and (2) aluminum composite panels used in building exteriors. It employs 1200 people and can produce 103,000 tons per year.

Formal Aluminum Industry and Trade Inc., Kayseri

The company was founded in 2003. It manufactures 28,800 tons of aluminum profiles annually in its 29,000 m² facility. It also produces surface solutions for the surfaces of standard and processed profiles. This Turkish aluminum manufacturer exports to 38 countries.

Zahit Aluminum Industry and Trade Inc., Adana

The business started production as a workshop in 1983 and was incorporated in 1992. In 1998, the company established itself as a leader among Turkey’s aluminum manufacturers by extruding Turkey’s first aluminum profiles. It has a 25,000-ton yearly billet casting capacity and a 20,000-ton (6-unit) aluminum extrusion profile manufacturing capability at its closed 40,000 m2 production plant in the Adana Organized Industrial Zone.

Almesan Aluminum Industry and Trade Inc., Kocaeli

The company was founded in 1994. Almesan Aluminum claims to be the market leader in the manufacturing of aluminum flat products, including flakes and discs, and it is the only Turkish business using dual band casting technology in aluminum casting. It has an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons of casting and hot-rolled coils in its facility, which has a closed area of 50,000 m². It also has the ability and capacity to produce 30,000 tons of aluminum discs, washers, strips, and automotive tie rod parts annually.

Vig Metal Industry and Trade Inc., Kütahya

The company was founded in 2006. It makes sheets and rolls out of light metals like aluminum and magnesium. In 2008, Vig Metal, an innovative business, used double-roll casting technology to make 1500 mm of magnesium sheet for the first time in the world. The company, which began manufacturing aluminum in 2012, has an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons.


(1) TR Ministry of Industry And Technology, Aluminum Sector Report 2022 (source 1)
(2) General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration, Aluminum in the World and In Turkey, 2018 (source 2)
(3) Eti Aluminum Inc. (source 3)


Top 10 Turkish Aluminum Manufacturers
Top 10 Turkish Aluminum Manufacturers

I tried to provide an overview of the Turkish aluminum sector’s climate and list the top ten Turkish aluminum manufacturers. Please contact Pelotek for guidance or ask in the comments if you need professional consulting service (rather than a middleman) in your aluminum transaction with Turkey.


My next post in this category is “Turkish jewelry manufacturers.”

FAQ on Turkish Aluminum Manufacturers

Yes. Turkey has one factory in Seydisehir (Eti Aluminum Inc.), which is Turkey’s only integrated aluminum factory that manufactures aluminum from ore. The factory meets 10% of Turkey’s aluminum needs.

While annual primary aluminum production in the industry remains steady, secondary aluminum production (extrusion, ingot, flat products, foil, conductor, and others) rises in parallel with global production. Turkey mainly exported aluminum bars and profiles ($1.8 billion) and aluminum sheets, plates, and strips ($1.5 billion) in 2021 (source 1).

The aluminum sector in Turkey is in an advantageous position within the scope of the European Green Deal with its secondary aluminum production, low emission levels, and high aluminum processing capability (source 1).

Bauxite used in primary aluminum manufacturing in Turkey is supplied locally. Refractory bauxite, which is needed by the refractory industry, is met through imports (source 2).

No. Turkey is not exporting primary aluminum. Turkey imports primary aluminum from basically Russia, India, Malaysia, Iran, and Bahrain (source 1). In addition, secondary aluminum production and scrap aluminum recycling are insufficient in Turkey (source 2).

Aluminum is most commonly used in the defense, aircraft, construction, vehicle, automobile sub-industry, and soft drink can manufacturing industries (source 2).

Aluminum is American English, and aluminium is British English; they are the same.

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