Turkish sofa manufacturers operate in Turkey’s furniture sector. There is no separate sofa manufacturing industry. Therefore, I used the 2021 Furniture Report of the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Sofa Versus Couch

To better understand the Turkish sofa manufacturers, we need to learn the differences between a sofa and a couch. These two terms are used interchangeably these days. However, there are very minor differences.

The French term “couche” refers to furniture without arms. The Oxford dictionary, on the other hand, describes a sofa as “a long cushioned seat with a back and arms, for two or more people.” The basic distinction between a sofa and a couch is that a couch is intended for lying and resting. A sofa is intended for sitting. Americans generally use “couch,” and British people generally use sofas. Is it really that important? They are almost interchangeable in the commercial sector. I just wanted to provide some background information.

The Top Turkish Sofa Manufacturers

Turkish Sofa Manufacturers
Turkish Sofa Manufacturers
Top 10 Turkish Sofa Manufacturers
Top 10 Turkish Sofa Manufacturers

There are numerous methods for locating genuine and trustworthy sofa manufacturing companies and ensuring that they represent the top Turkish sofa manufacturers. I’ll go over them one by one.

Turkish Furniture Manufacturers Association (MOSDER)

You can find the full list of Turkish furniture makers on the MOSDER web site. Let me introduce you to MOSDER. MOSDER is the abbreviation of the Turkish Furniture Manufacturers Association. This is a strong civil society organization that strives to establish a respectable Turkish furniture style that is well-known and sought-after around the world! MOSDER currently lists 73 manufacturers on its MOSDER members page. I assume you can accept that these companies are of the highest quality, and you can find the best sofa manufacturers among these 73 companies.

Turkish Furniture Industrialists Association (MOSDER)
Turkish Furniture Industrialists Association (MOSDER)

The association created a video featuring its Turkish sofa manufacturing companies. This, I feel, will give you a sense of the style and quality of Turkish furniture. The video contains numerous instances of Turkish sofas.

Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters (MOBDER)

The Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters (MOBDER) is a civil society organization that registers furniture makers and exporters. I recognized that these two associations do not have the same member companies. Therefore, I decided to mention this association. Cilek Furniture, for example, is the furniture we chose for our child. However, Cilek was not listed on MOSDER. This alone is good enough for me to include this organization on my list of Turkish sofa manufacturers. MOBDER has currently has 28 furniture (most probably sofa manufacturer) companies.

MOBDER member list for sofa manufacturing
MOBDER member list for sofa manufacturing

MODOKO Furniture Manufacturers Site, Istanbul

MODOKO, one of Turkey’s furniture centers, was founded in 1969 with government assistance. At this location, there are 350 small-scale furniture manufacturing and selling businesses. Check out their website if you’re looking for high-quality Turkish sofas. MODOKO provides direct employment to 5,000 people and indirectly to 35,000 people in an area of 150,000 m2.

MASKO, the World’s Largest Furniture City, Istanbul

Just like Modoko, MASKO acts like a furniture city where around 778 sofa manufacturing companies operate. The total area of Masko’s workplaces is 440,000 m2.

MASKO Furniture City in Istanbul
MASKO Furniture City in Istanbul

Final Thoughts on Turkish Sofa Manufacturers

Turkish sofa manufacturers are well-known for their remarkable craftsmanship, one-of-a-kind designs, and high-quality materials. Pelotek Sourcing unites international importers with Turkish sofa manufacturers, ensuring fully satisfied international clients.

If you are interested in the other sectors of Turkey, have a look at our posts in “Sectors in Turkey.” My next post is about the “Turkish Truck Manufacturing” sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Turkish sofa manufacturers produce sofas, including chesterfields, sectional sofas, loveseats, recliners, and sofa beds. These manufacturers cater to various styles and preferences, making Turkish sofas suitable for interior design.

Turkish-made sofas are renowned for their high quality, exceptional craftsmanship, and unique designs. Turkish sofa manufacturers can offer various choices to match your taste and home decor, whether you prefer traditional or modern styles.

Pelotek Sourcing, a leading sourcing company in Turkey, connects importers with reliable Turkish sofa manufacturers. We take care of the entire sourcing process, from identifying suitable manufacturers to negotiating prices and managing logistics, ensuring a smooth and efficient import process.

Explore Turkish sofa manufacturers’ online catalogs and websites to learn about their product lines and get inspired by their design concepts. You can also contact us directly if you need more information, samples, or a price. You can also consult with skilled designers who can help you find and collaborate with the perfect Turkish sofa for your living room.

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