Turkish pistol manufacturers have long stood at the forefront of the global firearms industry. Due to the political atmosphere of the time, pistol manufacturing in Turkey has made significant progress since the 1980s and has reached a level where it can compete in worldwide markets. Pistol manufacturing, which began with handcrafting in local workshops, particularly in Turkey’s Black Sea region, has now advanced to the point where it can compete in the international market with mass production and an R&D department. “Eastern Black Sea Weapons Project” serves as the foundation for this leap.

Turkish Pistol Manufacturers
Turkish Pistol Manufacturers

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Top Turkish Pistol Manufacturers
Top Turkish Pistol Manufacturers

Eastern Black Sea Weapons Project and Canik Arms

The Eastern Black Sea Weapons Project is critical for better understanding Turkish pistol manufacturers. The Turkish government initiated this project in 1991 (source: Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation Small Arms Weapon Factory)

The goal of the Eastern Black Sea Region Weapon Project is to integrate the weapon types identified by the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation into traditional Turkish weapon production in the Eastern Black Sea Region and to raise weapon production to international quality and manufacturing standards (source: Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Hundreds of weapons production factories were developed in the Black Sea Region as a result of the initiative. The Canik brand can be credited to this initiative because the Canik firearms plant was formed in 1998 as the Samsun leg of the project. The Canik brand alone accounts for 75% of Turkey’s weapons exports. The Canik brand is named after the Canik mountain, which is located inside Samsun province. The Canik brand is owned by Samsun Yurt Savunma Sanayi ve Ticaret AS., the largest corporation among Turkish pistol manufacturers.

Major Turkish Pistol Manufacturers

Although we already mentioned Canik Arms, the major Turkish pistol manufacturers can be listed as below:

Samsun Homeland Defense Industry and Trade Inc

With the Canik brand, the company has established a presence in both the national and international arms markets. It ranks 7th in the world for handgun sales. The Canik TP9 series, in particular, is regularly refreshed and developed. The Mete series, the most recent version of the TP9 series, is one of the weapons with the shortest target deviation distance of up to 50,000 shots. The company has 750 employees and exports 95% of its production. We should also mention that several government agencies, from the Polish Police to the Ukrainian Border Service, use CANiK-branded weaponry.

Girsan Machinery and Light Weapon Industry Trade Inc. (GIRSAN)

It exports weapons to more than 30 countries. Yavuz, Bora, Tuğra, and Zirve are the main pistol models. They are extremely powerful and ergonomic weapons.

Sarsılmaz Arms Industry Inc.

Sarslmaz is the oldest arms maker among Turkish pistol manufacturers, with a long history. It provides firearms to the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish Police. The company supplies firearms to over 70 nations. In 2020, the Sar 9 model pistol was named the best pistol of the year in the United States.

Trabzon Weapon Industry Corp. (TISAS)

Focusing on two gun models, the Kanuni and Zigana, the company has continuously developed versions of these two models. Kanuni and Zigana models are manufactured in accordance with ATF Form 4590 Gun Production Criteria.

Turkish Pistols’ Superiority

Turkish pistol manufacturers are in high demand in worldwide markets due to factors like as high magazine capacity, ergonomic design, durability, ease of use, precise shooting ability, and pricing.


Turkish pistol manufacturers offer unparalleled quality, innovation, and value. With a wide range of products that meet the diverse needs of global customers, these manufacturers continue to shape the landscape of the firearms industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Turkish pistol makers are well-known for their high quality, dependability, and precision. They have received numerous international honors and are well worth learning more about. They have earned their spot in the global weapon market.

Turkish pistol manufacturers offer a wide variety of pistols, including tiny models for personal defense, high-capacity pistols for law enforcement, and competitive shooting variants. This variety illustrates the manufacturers’ dedication to addressing the diverse needs of their customers.

National authorities inspect and audit Turkish pistol manufacturers. For details of the quality assurance process of Turkish pistol manufacturers, visit each pistol manufacturer’s website. Turkish pistols are so trusted and effective that they are widely used by the military and police of Turkey and other countries. Turkish pistols are among the most up-to-date in the world, with features such as polymer frames, accessory rails, adjustable sights, and ambidextrous controls.

Yes, you can buy a Turkish pistol. If it is for personal use, you should travel to Turkey and present your documents. If you are purchasing in quantity, you should contact the manufacturer, or we can help you evaluate their catalogs, obtain price quotes, and assist you in your pistol importing process. Check out our Price Quotes from Turkish Manufacturers service.

Depending on the preferences and needs of individual buyers, Turkish pistols may present some challenges. Some Turkish pistols may not be broadly available in the United States, for instance. This can make them harder to locate and purchase. Some Turkish pistols may be more difficult to customize or repair due to a lack of aftermarket support or compatibility. Additionally, Turkish pistols may have different ergonomics or controls than other pistols, requiring training or practice prior to effective use.

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