Turkish towel manufacturers are major players in the Turkish textile sector. The reason for this is Turkish towels’ great quality and low cost.
Towels should be classified as home textiles. As a result, I used the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Trade’s “Home Textile” report in this post to provide you with a better understanding of the whole sector. Known for their durability, super absorbency, and luxurious feel, Turkish towels have been the pride of the Turkish textile industry for centuries.

Top Turkish Towel Manufacturers in Turkey

Top Turkish Towel Manufacturers
Top Turkish Towel Manufacturers

Turkish towel manufacturers with high-quality products and brand awareness include Özdilek (Bursa), English Home (Istanbul), Madame Coco (Istanbul), Chakra (Denizli), Mudo (Istanbul), Taç (Istanbul), Linens (Istanbul), and Karaca Home (Istanbul). However, these companies will not offer you private label production to protect their brands.

Bursa and Denizli Towels

Bursa and Denizli are the most noticeable towel production destinations in Turkey. As a result, towel production clusters can be found in these two Turkish cities. Clustering is a cost-cutting and competitiveness-boosting element. You can notice that major export brands are typically based in Istanbul, but these towel companies in Istanbul are generally not appropriate for private label production.

If you are going to import Turkish towels, it may be more reasonable to seek quotes from thousands of Turkish towel manufacturers located in Bursa and Denizli. This is because contract manufacturing, or private label manufacturing, is primarily done in these two locations. Furthermore, in these towel production workshops, you have a better opportunity for minimum order quantity (MOQ). The towel manufacturing companies are small or medium-sized in Bursa and Denizli but big-scale in Istanbul.

Turkey’s Home Textile Locations

Leading towel manufacturing centers in Turkiye
Leading towel manufacturing centers in Turkiye

According to the Turkish Ministry of Trade and Industry’s Home Textile Report, in terms of home textile production:

  • Bursa is the province where towel, tulle, and sheet production is concentrated.
  • Denizli is the province where towel and sheet production is concentrated.
  • Uşak is the province where blanket production is concentrated, and
  • Istanbul is the province where tulle and sheet production is concentrated.

Turkish towel manufacturers also carry out the licensed production of some famous foreign brands.

In summary, the provinces where towel production is concentrated in Turkey are Bursa, Denizli, Istanbul, Izmir, and Uşak.

Towel Exports from Turkey

As in the previous year, towels and bathrobes ranked top in Turkey’s home textile industry exports in 2021 (34.7% share). Bed linens come in second with a 21.7% share. Towels and bathrobes had a total export value of roughly $1 billion in 2021 (source: Ministry of Industry and Trade, Home Textile Report). For a concise English summary of the entire report, please view our service titled Turkey’s Sector Reports: English Summaries.

Textile Exports of Turkey by Industry- Table
Textile Exports of Turkey by Industry: Table

Export Destinations for Turkish Towels

When Turkey’s home textile exports are examined on a country basis, the countries with the most exports in 2021 were:

  • Germany (17.0% share),
  • the USA (14.2% share),
  • France (5.2% share),
  • England (4.9% share), and
  • Italy (4.6% share). In 2021,

Turkey maintained its position as the 4th exporter of home textile products after China, India, and Pakistan, respectively.


Turkish Towel Manufacturers
Turkish Towel Manufacturers

Turkey is a great place to buy towels and bathrobes. Turkish towels and bathrobes are widely available around the world. Whether you’re a store owner looking for wholesale suppliers of Turkish towels or a person looking for the right beach or bath towel, Turkish towel manufacturers have a lot to offer. As Turkey’s textile industry keeps growing and coming up with new ideas, it strengthens the country’s place in home textile production.

If you want to learn more about sectors, please check out the “Sectors in Turkey” category on the blog page. My next post in this category is “Turkish shotgun manufacturers.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Turkish towels are known for their superior absorbency, quick-drying properties, and luxurious feel. Turkey is the second after India in organic cotton production. Turkish towels are made using high-quality Turkish cotton and are woven using traditional techniques, resulting in durable and highly functional towels. 

Your intent is important in selecting the most appropriate Turkish towel manufacturer. You should decide the rate of cotton in your towels (the beach towel or bath towel doesn’t matter). If you want branded towels, you can work with the companies we listed among the top Turkish towel manufacturers. If you need high-quality private label production, you should make a selection among thousands of towel workshops in Bursa, Denizli, or, in some cases, Uşak.

Yes, as long as you purchase 100% cotton towels, often made from premium, natural Turkish cotton, you will have no problems with your sensitive skin. This type of towel is soft, hypoallergenic, and highly absorbent.

Denizli and Bursa in Turkey are the two important provinces that can be accepted as the centers of Turkey’s quality towel private label production. Pelotek has strong connections with Turkish towel manufacturers. If you want to learn more about how we work, please read our post titled “What are the benefits of a sourcing agent in Turkey?” and learn how we handle this process as a sourcing agent in Turkey.

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