Turkish cotton manufacturers are significant players in the Turkish textile sector. Turkey ranks second after India in organic cotton and imports more cotton than it exports. Pelotek Sourcing, a company that links importers with dependable sellers in Turkey, showcases the most prominent manufacturers in this dynamic sector.

In this post, I will not focus on Turkish cotton manufacturers that have the ability to export raw cotton in bales. Instead, I will focus on Turkish organic cotton manufacturers that have the ability to process organic cotton and/or manufacture cotton thread or cotton fabric.

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The Size of the Turkish Cotton Sector

Turkish Cotton Manufacturers -infographic
Turkish Cotton Manufacturers -infographic

Turkey ranks 7th among cotton-manufacturing nations and 5th among cotton-consuming nations. 800 thousand tons of cotton are manufactured annually in Turkey, while 1,9 million tons are consumed.

Turkish Cotton Manufacturers
Turkish Cotton Manufacturers

China, India, the United States, Brazil, Pakistan, Australia, and Turkey are the most significant cotton-producing nations, respectively. The United States, Brazil, and India account for 60% of global cotton exports. China, which manufactures more than fifty percent of the world’s man-made artificial and synthetic fibers, is also the biggest manufacturer and consumer of cotton.

In terms of organic cotton production alone, Turkey is the second-biggest manufacturer behind India.

Please note that we give you this data from the sectoral reports of the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Trade, 2022. Please visit our sourcing services page if you need a detailed English summary of the Turkish cotton sector.

Cotton Manufacturers in Turkey

tOP 10 Turkish Cotton Manufacturers
tOP 10 Turkish Cotton Manufacturers

Ipek Hydrophile Cotton Industry and Trade Inc., Kirklareli

Ipek Cotton, founded in 1972, is Turkey’s first Turkish cotton manufacturer. The company manufactures bleached cotton wool, pleated cotton wool, cosmetic cotton wool, and non-woven cotton wool. Ipek Cotton, which has considerable exporting expertise, provides high-quality cotton and cotton-based products that meet Turkish, European, and British Pharmacopoeia standards while offering private label production.

Ucak Textile Industry & Trade Inc., Izmir

Founded in 1995, this Turkish cotton manufacturer operates on a 70,000 m2 closed area. The enterprise can produce 1,500 tons of cotton and blended yarn and 350 tons of yarn fabric each month. The company employs ring, ring compact, open end, vortex air jet, slub, and siro technologies and manufactures knit fabric. Ucak Textile is one of the few companies that offers 100% organic cotton and has a research and development department.

His Textile, Kayseri

Founded in 1997, His Textile is best known for its organic cotton thread. With Better Cotton (BCI), OCS, OEKO TEX, and GOTS applications, the company was defined as a B-Group supplier in the context of Join Life Standards. It sells its cotton to local and international clothing manufacturers who value the sustainability and quality of organic products. The company adheres to the Better Cotton Practices, which preserve water, fertilizer, and pesticides and safeguard the soil, the environment, and the fiber.

Yupas Textile, Sanliurfa (2023 earthquake)

Yupas Textile is the only Turkish cotton manufacturer listed above that produces and sells BCI cotton, organic cotton, and cotton bales. Unfortunately, the company was located in the earthquake zone (2023). The company, which was founded in 2008, is dedicated to healing the disaster’s scars.

Simurg Tasarim Textile Co. Ltd., Izmir

Izmir-based Simurg Textile Co., a Turkish cotton manufacturer, produces high-quality and long-lasting cotton wear products in Turkey. GOTS auditors ensure that the company respects the rights and well-being of its employees. Consider contacting this company if you are looking for Turkish 100% cotton baby apparel, women’s clothing, and sportswear. Please keep in mind that this company does not directly manufacture cotton but rather purchases organic cotton, manufactures ready-to-wear clothing from it, and certifies the entire process.

Modern Textile Industry and Trade, Denizli

Modern Textile, founded in 1993, holds a prominent position among Turkish cotton manufacturers. The company is based in Denizli, near cotton production zones, and sells 100% organic products to Europe. The company mostly produces household textiles such as cotton towels, bathrobes, tablecloths, bedspreads, quilts, comforters, and so on.

Sourcing Cotton with Pelotek LLC
Sourcing Cotton with Pelotek LLC

This exploration of Turkish cotton manufacturers provides valuable insight into the strength and diversity of Turkey’s textile industry. Traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation within these manufacturers continue to shape the global perception of Turkish cotton, further cementing Turkey’s status as a global textile powerhouse.

Exports of Turkish Cotton Manufacturers by Type

Turkey’s cotton production is not enough to satisfy its domestic demand, especially in the textile sector. Therefore, Turkish cotton manufacturers mainly work in the domestic textile sector and import large amounts of cotton from other countries.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service, Turkey imported 919,779 metric tons (4.22 million bales) of cotton in the marketing year 2019/20, with the United States being the main supplier, followed by Brazil, Greece, and Turkmenistan. Turkey also exported 104,858 metric tons (481,000 bales) of cotton in the marketing year 2018/19, mostly for textile use, to countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, and India. (1)

(1) Cotton and Products Update. Ankara: United States Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service; 2019. Accessed July 27, 2023.Turkey’s Cotton Imports

Uses of Cotton

Clothing: Cotton is a flexible, soft fabric used to manufacture jeans, t-shirts, skirts, shirts, dresses, socks, underwear, and more. Cotton clothing is robust and breathable, yet simple to maintain.

Home textiles: Curtains, bed sheets, pillowcases, towels, blankets, quilts, rugs, and more are made from cotton. These cotton goods are soft, comfortable, and absorbent. They can also decorate a room.

Medical products: Bandages, gauze, cotton balls, swabs, surgical masks, gloves, and more are made from cotton. Cotton medical items are skin-friendly and sterile. They prevent infections and aid healing. 


As the global textile industry continues to evolve, Turkish cotton manufacturers remain at the forefront, consistently setting high quality, innovation, and sustainability standards. Through Pelotek Sourcing’s reliable network, businesses worldwide can connect with these reputable manufacturers, securing top-tier cotton products that enhance their offerings. The enduring legacy of Turkish cotton is a testament to these manufacturers’ unwavering commitment to their craft and dedication to meeting and exceeding the expectations of their global clientele.

If you want to learn more about sectors, please check out the “Sectors in Turkey” category on the blog page. My next post in this category is “Turkish Door Manufacturers.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Turkish cotton manufacturers stand out due to their relentless commitment to quality, innovative techniques, and sustainable practices. They produce various products, from clothing to medical goods, all made with high-quality Turkish cotton. Their superior craftsmanship and customer-focused services make them a trusted choice for businesses around the globe.

Pelotek Sourcing leverages its extensive network of reliable Turkish manufacturers to connect importers with suitable suppliers. Our sourcing agent services ensure that the manufacturers meet high quality and service standards. Pelotek Sourcing’s services simplify the sourcing process, making it easier for businesses to secure high-quality Turkish cotton products.

Many Turkish cotton manufacturers offer customized solutions to meet diverse business needs. These manufacturers work closely with clients to deliver products that perfectly align with their unique requirements.

Many Turkish cotton manufacturers are committed to sustainable practices. They prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials and processes in their production. From responsibly sourcing raw materials to ensuring energy-efficient operations, these manufacturers actively contribute to environmental sustainability.

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