Turkish denim manufacturers are part of the Turkish textile (see “Fabric Manufacturers in Turkey“) and Turkish clothing industries. Turkey, an important supplier in the denim sector, ranks fourth globally in both denim fabric and denim clothing exports (source: Turkish Textile Industry Employers’ Union).

In the history of textiles, both denim lovers and denim manufacturing companies have never been this close to any other type of fabric. Denim is the fabric of generations, worn by people of all classes and ages. Turkish denim manufacturers are best at 100% cotton denim fabric production. As I stated in the Turkish cotton manufacturers post, Turkey ranks second after India in organic cotton production.

Top Turkish Denim Manufacturers

Turkish Denim Manufacturers
Turkish Denim Manufacturers

Kayseri, Adana, Bursa, Malatya, and Kahramanmaraş provinces in Turkey are leaders in denim fabric production. However, Turkish denim clothing manufacturers are generally concentrated in Istanbul, Bursa, and Izmir. Denim fabric meter prices range from 3 to 8 dollars on average as of 2023. 

Turkish denim manufacturers are the principal suppliers of several world-famous European denim brands or many companies that include denim in their collections due to their excellent fabric infrastructure, designers, and proximity to Europe, which is our main market (70 percent of our exports).

Here are the top Turkish denim manufacturers: Please bear in mind that some Turkish denim manufacturers were affected by the earthquake disaster in 2023.

Turkish Denim Wear Brands

  • Mavi Jeans, Istanbul
  • Sarp Jeans, Izmir
  • Cloud Jeans, Istanbul
  • Wise Jeans, Izmir

Turkish Denim Fabric Manufacturers

  • Bossa Trade and Industry Enterprises, Adana (earthquake region)
  • System Tekstil Inc, Istanbul
  • WDenim (Istanbul)
  • Fashion Point Textile Production Inc., Istanbul
  • İskur Group, Kahramanmaras (earthquake region)
  • Calik Denim, Istanbul
  • Atlas Denim Industry and Trade Inc., Adana
  • Ak Fabric, Usak
  • Tusa Denim Industry and Trade Inc, Istanbul
  • Fateks Fabric Textile Garment Trade Inc., Izmir
  • Ada Denim Fabric Textile Industry and Trade Ltd, istanbul
  • Gediz Fabric Industry Ltd, istanbul

Global Denim Brands

In the denim industry, the world’s biggest brands are primarily in the USA (Levi’s, Wrangler, Lee, etc.), Japan (Edwin, Evisu), Italy (Giorgio Armani, Diesel, Replay), the Netherlands (G-Star, Tommy Hilfiger), and Turkey (Mavi Jeans, Wise, LTB).

Turkish Denim Fabric Quality

Turkish Denim The Perfect Fit for Every Style
Turkish Denim The Perfect Fit for Every Style

In Turkey, denim clothing is typically made from 100% cotton fabrics. Fabrics with 65% polyester and 35% cotton blends have also been tried in recent years. The most distinguishing aspect of denim fabric is that the warp threads are indigo-dyed while the weft threads are white. Denim textiles, which come in a variety of weights, are typically woven in a 3/1 or 2/1 warp twill weave with warp and white weft threads dyed in blue, navy blue, and black. The most important characteristic of denim materials is their longevity. Turkey stands out at this moment, particularly for its high-quality denim fabric manufacturing.

The denim business consumes the most cotton in the world. Denim fabrics consume around 20% of the world’s cotton production, which is approximately 25 million tons. Because of the high quality of denim fabrics produced by Turkish denim manufacturers, Turkey is one of the top selected countries for foreign demand.

Some Examples of Denim Fabric

  • Denim shirting fabric
  • Jacquard denim fabric
  • Japanese Denim Fabric
  • Denim upholstery fabric
  • Plaid denim fabric

Denim Fabric: General Features

  • It has a moisture-absorbing structure. 
  • It is comfortable and provides ease of movement. 
  • It can breathe. 
  • Keeps you warm. 
  • It is durable. 
  • It can be painted with different colors. 
  • It has some level of flexibility.

Denim Exports of Turkey

I was unable to find any recent data on Turkish denim exports. However, I have the 2018 export numbers. According to this information, Turkey ranks fourth among nations that export denim fabric and denim clothes (source: Turkish Textile Industry Employers’ Union).

While Turkey had a 7% global market share in denim fabric in 2018, it only had a 4.5% market share in denim ready-made garments. Tunisia ranks first in denim fabric exports to Turkey, with 54 million dollars, and Germany ranks first in denim clothing exports, with 299 million dollars in 2018. Denim fabric exports accounted for 4% of total Turkish textile exports.

In summary, North African and European countries lead in Turkey’s denim fabric exports. Spain, Germany, and England are in the top three in Turkey’s finished product exports. The countries from which Turkey imports denim fabric are Pakistan with 33.2%, Egypt with 18.5%, and Italy with 5.9%.


Source Turkish Denim with Pelotek
Source Turkish Denim with Pelotek

In conclusion, Turkish denim manufacturers have established a significant presence in the global textile industry, driven by their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. At Pelotek Sourcing, we bridge the gap between importers and these reliable manufacturers, ensuring you have access to premium Turkish denim products.

With an increased focus on sustainable practices, innovation, and maintaining high-quality standards, Turkish denim manufacturers are set to continue their upward trajectory. Connecting with these manufacturers through a trusted company like Pelotek Sourcing ensures that you are sourcing the best denim products for your needs, contributing to a thriving global industry.

My next post is “Turkish Towel Manufacturers.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people think that denim and jeans are the same thing. In fact, these are completely different things. Denim is the name of the fabric used to make jeans. Jeans are a type of clothing made from denim fabric. For example, jeans are casual wear made of denim fabric. Denim, unlike many types of fabric, is woven and dyed in one place.

Turkish denim is made from different types of cotton, such as Pima, Zimbabwean, and Turkish. However, one of the best quality cottons for denim is long-staple cotton, which has a natural shine and strength. Turkish denim manufacturers generally use long-staple cotton that grows in the Aegean Region of Turkey, which has ideal climate and soil conditions for cotton cultivation.

Yes, you can. Turkish denim manufacturers offer different series and models that suit different styles and shapes. They may blend denim with lyocell and elastane to create a soft, stretchy, and durable fabric. If you want to benefit from a transparent sourcing agent in Turkey, please read this post to learn how we operate.

Turkish denim manufacturers are recognized globally for their high-quality products, innovative designs, and sustainable practices. Companies like Pelotek Sourcing can help you connect with these manufacturers, providing a reliable channel for sourcing premium Turkish denim.

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