Fabric manufacturers in Turkey provide a wide range of fabrics for the worldwide textile market. The strong clothing business in Turkey drives fabric makers to increase production and fabric types.

We already have various fabric manufacturers in Turkey in our database. However, your needs are critical in identifying the best Turkish fabric manufacturers for you.

Do you need denim fabric, brode fabric, or knit fabric? Or do you want 100% cotton fabric or a mix of cotton and synthetic? There are so many different fabric types that listing all the fabric manufacturers in Turkey is almost impossible.

The Importance of Fabric Manufacturers in Turkey

Fabric Manufacturers in Turkey
Fabric Manufacturers in Turkey

The textile sector covers the process from fiber to yarn and completed fabric, whereas the ready-made apparel sector covers the process from fabric to clothes. Yarn is the industry pioneer. The middle one is the knitting sector, which is the main source of power feeding the clothing industry. Therefore, the clothing business in Turkey is dependent on fabric manufacturers in Turkey. Ready-made clothing is responsible for producing and marketing the country’s added value, fashion, and final product.

Strong Clothing Business in Turkey

Clothing Business in Turkey
Clothing Business in Turkey

Since the 1980s, the clothing business in Turkey has maintained a solid position. In the article titled “Turkish Clothing Manufacturers,” I have offered some eye-catching statistics about Turkey’s clothing production and exports. With a market share of 3.7%, Turkey is the third largest garment supplier in the EU and the sixth largest in the globe, as stated in the post. Turkey also exports 4.1% of knitted apparel, making it the world’s sixth-largest knitwear exporter.

In Turkey, there are around 74,946 enterprises in the clothing, textile, and leather sectors. Furthermore, Turkey has 39,973 garment manufacturers and suppliers, employing 677,395 people.

Under these circumstances, it is easy to assume that the country’s huge apparel sector supports hundreds of fabric manufacturers in Turkey. However, I will only evaluate the most experienced fabric makers, who may be able to deliver the most competitive price bids.

Knitting Industrialists Association (ORSAD)

In order to make a high-quality listing of fabric manufacturers in Turkey, I first attempted to find a relevant civil society organization that registers fabric manufacturers in Turkey. The closest to my search intent was the Knitting Industrialists Association, which represented the fabric manufacturers in Turkey. I then performed a general search on Google.com.tr.

ORSAD-Knitted Industrialists Association
ORSAD-Knitted Industrialists Association

I recognized that ORSAD does not list all of the fabric manufacturers in Turkey. For instance, YUNSA is the largest integrated upper-segment woolen woven fabric manufacturer in Europe, but ORSAD did not list the company. In addition, the association does not have an “About Us” page or an English version of the website. However, it lists around 300 small-scale fabric or thread manufacturers that you may find helpful if you are looking for small-scale production.

You can also see the knitting machines that the registered manufacturers use. Please note that we can directly contact the association as well as member companies for your fabric needs.

The Top Fabric Manufacturers in Turkey

As stated above, it is not easy to list all the fabric manufacturers in Turkey. Therefore, I will present a list of 10 fabric manufacturers with accompanying fabric information. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any uncommon fabric requirements.

Yünsa Woolly Industry and Trade, Inc., Istanbul

The company was founded in 1973 and began issuing stock in 1990. Surmegoz Textile Investment Inc. owns 57.88% of the company’s ordinary stock. Yunsa, Europe’s largest integrated worsted factory, has a fabric weaving capacity of 10 million meters and an annual worsted yarn production of 4,500 tons. Yunsa’s product categories include men’s fabric, women’s fabric, luxury fabric, corporate wear, and upholstery fabrics.

Yünsa’s product line includes 100% wool as well as blended fabrics such as cashmere, silk, viscose, and others. Water repellent, UV protection, self-cleaning, natural stretching, and other finishing qualities are available on Yünsa fabrics. Yünsa fabrics have also received laboratory accreditation from Marks & Spencer, Next, and Interwoollabs.

Fabric Manufacturers in Turkey: Full List
Fabric Manufacturers in Turkey: Full List

Ipekis Textile Inc., Bursa

  • The original company name in Turkish: İpekiş Mensucat A.Ş.
  • Tel: +90 (0224) 280 24 00

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk suggested that a business be formed to exploit Turkey’s silk potential, and thus Ipekis was launched in 1925. It is one of the few Ataturk-founded Turkish factories that remained open in the 2000s. Ipekis manufactures 100% wool, wool polyester, wool polyester lycra, and wool polyamide lycra textiles, as well as wool-blend fabrics.

Ipekis- The oldest fabric manufacturer in Turkey
Ipekis- The oldest fabric manufacturer in Turkey

Rotatex Fabric Industry and Trade Ltd., Istanbul

  • The original company name in Turkish: Rotatex Kumaş Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti.
  • Tel: +90 (212) 557 57 21 (pbx)

The company manufactures open-end yarns and knitted fabric. Open-end yarns are manufactured from cotton, polyester, viscose, tencel, bamboo, modal fiber, and the mixtures thereof between Ne 10/1 and Ne 40/1. Knitted fabrics are Jersey, Interlock, Ribana, Piquet, Elastic Rib 2×1, Elastic Rib 2×2, Elastic French Terry, Fleece, Saloniko, Waffle, and Polar.

Guldemir Textile, Istanbul

  • The original company name in Turkish: Güldemir Tekstil İç ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş.
  • Tel: +90 (212) 557 43 47

The company, which was founded in 1992, is capable of manufacturing and importing all types of woven fabrics. It can produce 500,000 meters of fabric every month. Based on their unique names, the manufacturer classified the materials. As a result, you must examine each fabric in their product catalog. I may add that their catalog contains a wide range of fabric materials.

Oguz Textile Industry and Trade Inc., Adana

  • The original company name in Turkish: Oğuz Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
  • Tel: +90 (322) 394 40 53

Oguz Textile, founded in 1974, has an integrated facility with the largest manufacturing capacity in Turkey (as stated on their website). In its facility, it manufactures fabrics mostly of polyester viscose, as well as cotton and polyamide blends. Oguz Textile manufactures 15 million kg of yarn and 40 million m of cloth each year.

Erler Textile Industry and Trade Inc., Istanbul

  • The original company name in Turkish: Erler Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
  • Tel: +90 (530) 545 13 90 (Whatsup)

Erler Fabrics, one of the major fabric manufacturers in Turkey, provides a video channel and online retail stores where all fabric types are explained one by one. The company, which was founded in 1992, mainly manufactures fabrics such as crepe, chiffon, satin, taffeta, shantung, and organza, as well as knitting items such as jersey, velvet, and metallic glitter. The company also offers lace, embroidered textiles, brocade jacquards, and digitally printed fabrics for use in evening gowns and everyday wear.

Ucler Textile Industry and Trade Inc., Istanbul

  • The original company name in Turkish: ÜÇLER Tekstil San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
  • Tel: 90 (212) 428 08 75

The company, which was founded in 1989, is one of the largest knitted fabric manufacturers in Turkey. Üçler Textile employs roughly 700 workers and manages yarn and knitting factories. Combed cotton, cotton-polyester, melange, modular, viscose, and bamboo are their main fabrics. The company’s daily production capacity is 25,000 kg.

Ozege Textile Inc., Usak

  • The original company name in Turkish: Özege Tekstil A.Ş.
  • Tel: 90 (276) 266 81 44

OZEGE TEXTILE is a subsidiary of RAN GROUP, one of the largest textile companies in Turkey. Their fabrics mainly include polyester, cotton, cotton/polyester, viscose, tencel, cotton/elastane (Lycra), dobby, and dobby/elastane (Lycra). The company serves the clothing business in Turkey and other countries with a monthly production capacity exceeding 2,000,000 meters on pocket, lining, shirt, trouser, and work wear fabrics.

Pisa Textile and Dye Factory Inc., Tekirdag

  • The original company name in Turkish: Pisa Tekstil ve Boya Fab. A.Ş.
  • Tel: +90 (533) 659 22 16/17/18 (Whatsup)

Pisa Textile has been a knitted fabric manufacturer in Turkey since 1988, specializing in swimwear, underwear, sports, and daily use fabrics. According to their website, they are the market leader in mercerized fabric manufacturing in Turkey.

Pisa Tekstil specializes in the upper market segment, especially in the production of swimwear and underwear fabrics. With nanotechnology and microcapsule applications, the business develops and makes fabrics intelligent. Pisa Textile was founded to meet the needs of the leading Turkish underwear and seawear brand “KOM”. Therefore, Pisa Textile is closely related to the seawear and underwear clothing business in Turkey.

Muratoglu Textile Trade and Industry Ltd., Istanbul

  • The original company name in Turkish: Muratoglu Tekstil Ticaret ve Sanayi Ltd. Şti.
  • Tel: +90 (212) 225 64 04

Founded in 1984, the company specializes in woolen fabric production. The annual production capacity is 2 million meters. Products are wool, polyamide, polyester, viscose, and acrylic blended woven fabrics for shirts, coats, and jackets.

Other Fabric Manufacturers in Turkey

Tempo Textile: Founded in 1996, the company manufactures all kinds of knitted fabrics, as well as anti-bacterial, organic, nylon-polyamide, micro-polyamide, etc. fabrics. The daily production capacity is 15 tons.

Akrida Textile Industry Internal and External Trade Ltd.: Founded in 2004, the company manufactures workwear, technical textiles and outerwear fabrics.

Uzun Textile: Founded in 1981, the company sells upholstery fabrics, polyester fabrics, printed fabrics, cotton fabrics, viscose fabrics, and linen fabrics. I could not find information on their production capacity, but they have an address for a factory.


I aimed to provide you with information on all fabric manufacturers in Turkey as well as a brief description of the clothing business in Turkey. If you have any questions or would like us to help you with your sourcing process, contact us or leave a comment in the comments section.

Keep in mind that we do not sell these products, but for a modest service fee, we can assist you in acquiring pricing estimations or providing Turkish translations as needed during the sourcing process. My next post is “USCIS-approved translators from Turkey“.

Frequently Asked Questions

I estimate that there are 1200–1300 fabric manufacturers in Turkey. If you are seeking boutique fabric makers, you should browse the ORSAD member list. However, if your fabric investment is substantial, my list will suffice.

No. I explained the Turkish cotton sector as well as Turkish cotton manufacturers in the post. 800,000 tons of cotton are manufactured annually in Turkey, while 1,9 million tons are consumed. Turkey is importing cotton in significant amounts, and therefore, the price of cotton fabrics is more expensive compared to other fabrics.

I already listed Turkish denim manufacturers in detail. Please read that post for denim fabric manufacturers.

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