USCIS-approved translators from Turkey are crucial in assisting individuals with their immigration documents and applications. In Uscis document translation, the Turkish translators should have authority to sign the documents that they have translated.

I am writing this post as an USCIS-approved translator. You can trust my words if you are looking for a Turkish translator for your immigration documents. You may also read my next post, which is “Downsides of Document Translation.”

Qualifications of an USCIS-approved Translator

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the main authority to approve non-English immigration documents. In our case, a certified Turkish translator who is knowledgeable and skilled in the field translates Turkish immigration documents into English or vice versa.

There are specific qualifications and requirements that USCIS-approved translators from Turkey must meet. These qualifications ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to accurately translate immigration documents and applications. Some of the key qualifications include:

  • Language Proficiency: USCIS-approved translators must have a high level of proficiency in both English and Turkish. They should be able to understand and translate complex legal and immigration terminology accurately.
  • Legally Recognized: Turkish translators should work with a notary that can approve their translations in case of any conflicts.
  • Cultural Knowledge: Translators should have a deep understanding of both Turkish and American cultures. This cultural knowledge helps them to accurately convey the meaning and context of the documents they translate.
  • Knowledge of Legal Terminology: USCIS-approved translators must be familiar with the legal terminology used in immigration documents. This ensures that they can provide accurate translations that meet the requirements of the USCIS.

These qualifications are essential to ensuring that USCIS-approved translators from Turkey can provide reliable and accurate translations for immigration purposes.

Education Background of a Turkish USCIS-Approved Translator

Turkish translation for uscis
USCIS-Approved Translators From-Turkey

You may think that all USCIS-approved translators had linguistic training from a relevant university. But this is not true. I studied economics in the English language (100% English), and I have an English teacher certificate. However, my second education was not focused on learning English or translation. Rather, it was about how to teach a language.

As a result, a Turkish translator can obtain certification in numerous ways. Everything hinges on the translator demonstrating to the Turkish notary their level of competence. In my situation, they would probably not accept me as a qualified translator if my undergraduate degree was not completed entirely in English. In my opinion, experiences don’t really matter that much.

Role of USCIS in the Approval Process

When evaluating translators, the USCIS considers various factors, including language proficiency, cultural knowledge, and understanding of legal terminology. Translators must demonstrate fluency in both English and Turkish, as well as a deep understanding of the cultural nuances and context specific to immigration documents.

In addition to language proficiency, translators must also possess a comprehensive knowledge of immigration laws and regulations. They need to be familiar with the terminology and technicalities involved in immigration documents, such as visa applications, green card petitions, and naturalization forms.

Working with Our USCIS-Approved Translators

Working with our USCIS-approved translators from Turkey can greatly facilitate the immigration process and ensure accurate translations of your documents. To effectively collaborate with our translators, we require our clients to do the following:

  • Please provide clear and detailed instructions. Clearly communicate your needs, expectations, and any specific requirements for the translation.
  • Please maintain open communication throughout the translation process. Some clients send us a document without any notice or notes. Please be available to answer any questions we may have and provide additional information or clarification when needed.
  • Once the translation is complete, it is essential to review the translated document for accuracy. The USCIS-approved translators will attach the original document along with the translation. The translator will also sign all pages. If you notice any errors or discrepancies, communicate them to us for correction.

By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth collaboration with Pelotek’s in-house and contracted certified translators and obtain accurate translations of your immigration documents.

Pelotek’s Immigration Document Translation Services

Immigration document translation services
Professional translation of immigration documents

At Pelotek, we provide immigration document translation services in the Turkish and English languages. Please check out our “Certified Translation Services” for students and individuals. As we stated in our product descriptions, you will not need notary approval for 99% of our certified translations. You may also read our Testimonials page to see comments from real translation clients.

The Cost of Immigration Document Translation Services

For an individual seeking a certified translator for USCIS translation, the cost is $0.12 per word up to 500 words. The price drops as the number of words increases. Please check the Certified Translation for Individuals page for all details. Actually, the costs of immigration document translation services are the same for all services listed under certified translations.

How Much Do We Pay to Our USCIS-Approved Translators?

We pay 70% of the certified translation amount to our USCIS-approved translators. Considering the 30–40% paid by the biggest translation agencies, we pay the highest amount to our certified translators for immigration document translation services. We will never exploit the real efforts and expertise of our selected translators.

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FAQ on Pelotek’s Uscis-Approved Translation Services

To effectively engage with USCIS-approved translators from Turkey, it is critical to give precise translation instructions and rules. It is critical to have open contact throughout the process in order to answer any questions or concerns. It is also advised to check the translations for accuracy and provide feedback as needed.

Pelotek is an excellent choice for your USCIS-approved translation services. Referrals and recommendations from immigration attorneys, friends, or family members who have previously worked with reliable translators can also be valuable.

Turkish translators should prove that they are competent and fluent in both English and Turkish. A Turkish translator may be eligible for USCIS translation if they have graduated from a linguistic school or a school that gives a whole education in English.

For an experienced Turkish translator, USCIS document translation is either difficult or easy. It mostly depends on the document type. Some affidavits may be challenging, but documents such as birth certificates, passports, etc. are really easy, and Pelotek may imply a discount for such documents.

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