Turkish leather bag manufacturers benefit from the Turkish leather industry‘s greater leather processing capacity in comparison to many other countries.

It took a bit of research to compile a list of Turkish leather bag manufacturers. Despite using member lists of chambers and civil society organizations in addition to Europages, I hardly located six reliable leather bag makers. This is because Turkish leather goods manufacturers are more focused on leather shoes and garments than on leather bags.

Turkey’s Leather Bag Exports

Turkish leather handbags
Turkish leather handbags

According to the article in which I investigated the Turkish leather sector in depth and linked to above, Turkish leather shoes rank top with a 56.9% share of Turkey’s leather product exports. Turkish leather bag manufacturers are assessed under the “travel goods and saddlery made of leather” category, which is a subsector of the Turkish leather and leather products industry.

Turkey’s export volume of leather travel products and saddlery is steadily increasing. In 2021, Turkish saddlery and travel goods exports totaled $246.3 million. Turkish manufacturers mostly export to the United States, England, Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Spain (source: TR Ministry of Commerce General Directorate of Export, Leather and Leather Products Sector Report, 2022).

Turkish leather bag manufacturers are mostly concentrated in Istanbul, Eminonu. Eminonu is also the wholesale center for Turkish clothing manufacturers. As a reminder, the wholesale and retail centers of Turkish leather bags are Mercan, Laleli, and Beyazit in Istanbul.

Top Turkish Leather Bag Manufacturers

Turkish Leather Bag Manufacturers
Turkish Leather Bag Manufacturers

Below, I listed real and legit Turkish leather bag manufacturers that have the following characteristics:

  1. The leather bag manufacturer has a website
  2. The leather manufacturer informs about the type of leather they use in bags
  3. The manufacturer has export experience

I did not include sellers or suppliers of leather bags. My focus is always on manufacturers. Therefore, if you are in need of buying high-quality leather bags, you should absolutely review these Turkish leather bag manufacturers. You can also consider private label production with these companies. Please also note that they generally use calf leather.

Derimod Garment Shoes Leather Industry and Trade Inc., Istanbul

Founded in 1974, Derimod is the first brand to integrate leather and fashion in Turkey. By opening a store in Los Angeles/Beverly Hills, USA, in 1982, it became the first leather company to do so under its own name. Derimod, which uses several world-famous models like Linda Evangelista and Mila Jovovich in its communication and advertising efforts in the industry, is also the first Turkish leather manufacturer to carry out fashion shoots abroad. Since I personally like and use their products, I listed the company at the top of the list of Turkish leather bag manufacturers.

Tergan Leather Products Industry and Trade Inc, Istanbul

Tergan, which began in the belt manufacturing industry in 1972, now operates throughout the retail, production, export, and wholesale channels. Shoes, wallets, belts, briefcases, women’s bags, travel bags, bond and pilot bags, and numerous leather accessories for workplace and personal use are among Tergan’s handmade products. Please note that not all products of Tergan are made of leather. Therefore, you should read the product specs.

Dericibey Carpet Production Marketing Ltd., Istanbul

Dericibey was founded in 2000. The reason why the word “carpet” is included in the company name is that the company focuses especially on leather carpet production. The company, which produces handmade, high-quality leather bags, deserves to be among the top Turkish leather bag manufacturers with its significant export experience and high-quality bags.

Adessa Leather Industry and Trade Inc., Istanbul

Founded in 1982, Adessa Leather is an experienced manufacturer in the Turkish leather sector. With a closed 6,000 m2 manufacturing plant, the company uses bovine leather (high-quality Turkish rowhide) in its products. Among other Turkish leather bag manufacturers, you can contact this company for your private label production leather handbag needs. Their website is in English.

Ozozler Leather Goods Durable Consumer Goods Industry and Trade Inc, Istanbul

Founded in 1982, the company manufactures leather bags, leather wallets, and leather belts under the brand “Guard Leather”. Due to its concentration on only leather accessories such as bags, belts, and wallets, this company should be considered among the top Turkish leather bag manufacturers. Their production facility has 4,500 m2 of closed area and operates with an average monthly production capacity of 60,000 wallets, 60,000 belts, and 10,000 leather bags.

Esinti Leather Textile and Saddlery Products Marketing Industry and Trade Ltd., Istanbul

Founded in 2008, the company sells women’s bags, travel bags, briefcases, portfolios, wallets, keychains, card holders, and passport holders under the brand “Essence.”

Concluding Thoughts

If you require hand-made leather handbags in classic or modern styles, look into Turkish leather bag manufacturers. Please keep in mind that these manufacturers (I’m not sure about Derimod) allow for private label production, so you can approach them directly and send them your samples to begin discussions. Simply contact us if you require product-sourcing consulting services. In the comments section below, you can ask about any company in this industry, and we will give you our honest opinion.

My next post is “Turkish Toilet Manufacturers.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Derimod and Tergan are the most famous in Turkey among other bag brands.

At Pelotek Sourcing, we connect international buyers with reliable sellers in Turkey. We have no connections or hidden agreements with any of the Turkish leather bag manufacturers, and based on your specific requirements, we will start from scratch to match you with the most appropriate Turkish leather bag manufacturer.

Yes. Turkey is as famous as Italy, France, and the USA for leather bags. This is due to Turkish manufacturers’ decades of experience in leather processing.

Yes, unfortunately. The Turkish leather industry differs from the majority of other industries in Turkey. A peculiar fact is that leather goods are more costly for international customers. We strongly advise you to contact a trustworthy sourcing agent in Turkey before purchasing any leather products and to ensure that the sourcing agent does not receive commissions.

The majority of Turkish leather bag dealers on the internet are not genuine manufacturers. Please let me know if you know of any other manufacturers in this industry so that I can review them and add them to the list if they meet my criteria.

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