Turkish shotgun manufacturers stand as a testament to the country’s rich and venerable history of arms production.

In the early 1990s, Turkish shotgun manufacturers began to expand in size. This manufacturing expansion is closely related to the advancements in Turkish pistol production in the 1980s. Turkish shotguns were first introduced as an upper version of hunting rifles. While hunting rifles are limited to two cartridges due to current hunting regulations, shotguns are intended to hold eight cartridges.

Below is the video of Huglu Hunting Rifles Cooperation that I mention among the top Turkish shotgun manufacturers.

The Best Turkish Shotgun Manufacturers

Whether you’re a seasoned collector, professional shooter, or hunting enthusiast, knowing the best Turkish shotgun manufacturers can help you make an informed purchase.

Turkish Shotgun Manufacturers
Turkish Shotgun Manufacturers

Huglu Hunting Rifles Cooperative, Konya

I spent my childhood looking at the calendar pages of this company. My father’s mother is from Huglu district, where the oldest hunting rifle manufacturers are located. We are related to the managers of this cooperation, but the cooperative is in one of the remote districts of Konya. As the owner of Pelotek LLC, I have been living in Izmir for 30 years. It is a quality cooperative that I have met with, albeit rarely, and will do my best to help you communicate without any profit. Not to mention that they export 99% of their production.

Huglu Hunting Rifles Cooperation is among the oldest Turkish shotgun manufacturers. Individual small-scale Turkish shotgun manufacturers founded it in 1962, and it currently exports rifles to numerous nations. The cooperative, which has a wide catalog for rifles, has 12 different products in the shotgun category. It divides the shotguns into categories of “Tactical”, “Tactical Plus”, “Standard”, and “Basic”.

There is scientific research on this cooperative as well. The name of the study is Huglu Hunting Firearms Cooperative.

Hatsan, Izmir

The company, which has been operating since 1976, manufactures all of its rifle parts in-house. The rifles manufactured in the 35,000-square-meter plant in Izmir’s Kemalpaşa neighborhood are exported to more than 90 countries. In addition to the fundamental eight distinct shotgun options, the company offers over a hundred other shotgun models.

Sarsilmaz Arms

I have already introduced this company in the post titled “Turkish pistol manufacturers“. The company has been in the pistol and shotgun business since 1880! It is a company that develops pump-action shotguns that have gained worldwide recognition in addition to pistols. Check out the Sarslmaz Cobra model in particular. The company currently manufactures shotguns for the defense industry and law enforcement agencies.

Kral Arms, Konya

It is an export-oriented Konya-based company that exports more than 90% of its products to 40 other nations. Many semi-automatic and tactical items are available from the company, which includes three different kinds of pump-action shotguns. It has only recently begun manufacturing pistols.

Discover Turkish shotgun sector
Discover Turkish shotgun sector

Turkish Shotgun’s Adaptation to Hunting

Lately, some Turkish shotgun manufacturers have invented shotguns that can also be used as hunting rifles. They simply installed a mechanism by placing wedges in the cartridge chamber to limit the cartridge capacity to two, and these shotguns are now appropriate for the hunting field.

Semi-automatic hunting rifles

Semi-automatic hunting rifles first appeared in the 2000s as an upgrade to pump-action shotguns. The appearance of semi-automatic rifles with 8 + 1 cartridge capacities is quite similar to that of pump-action shotguns. The same Turkish shotgun manufacturers now make semi-automatic rifles in addition to shotguns.

Rubber bullets

One of the reasons Turkish shotguns are so popular is their ability to shoot rubber bullets. At social gatherings, police forces frequently use rubber bullets.


In conclusion, Turkish shotgun manufacturers have proven themselves as global leaders in the firearm industry. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and design excellence sets them apart from many of their international counterparts. The list of Turkish shotgun manufacturers mentioned above represents the cream of the crop in Turkish firearm production.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice looking to venture into the world of shotguns, Turkish firearm companies offer various options. As the thriving firearm industry in Turkey continues to flourish, you can expect to see more innovative and high-quality offerings from these manufacturers. Turkey is a country to keep on your radar if you’re looking for a new shotgun.

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Turkish shotguns are known for superior craftsmanship, innovative designs, and excellent performance. Turkish shotgun manufacturers blend traditional methods with modern technology to produce high-quality firearms.

Consider factors such as your purpose for the gun, budget, the reputation of the manufacturer, and reviews from other users. Understanding these factors will help you make an informed decision. 

Absolutely. Many Turkish firearm manufacturers produce a range of shotguns suitable for beginners. However, proper firearm safety training and understanding are crucial before handling guns.

Yes. My mother’s relatives are known for their Turkish coffee, and my father’s relatives are known for their shotgun production. Therefore, as the owner of this company, these two sectors are very familiar to me. If you wonder how we handle the sourcing process, you can check our “FAQ” page or read our post titled “What are the benefits of a sourcing agent in Turkey?” However, please note that not all shotguns can be exported from Turkey without official documents. We can act as a sourcing agent, but we cannot promise anything about the sale.

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