Turkish door manufacturers represent all door makers. Most of us associate the term “door” with security doors, which serve as the primary outside door of our home. This, however, will not explain the door manufacturing climate in Turkiye (previously Turkey).

In this post, I mostly mentioned the following door types to give a better understanding of the Turkish door sector as well as Turkish door manufacturers.

  • Exterior doors
  • Interior doors
  • Wooden and Turkish steel doors
  • PVC doors
  • Folding Doors
  • Sliding Doors

Types of Doors

Doors are classified based on their location, materials, operation of the door shutter, construction process, and arrangement of door components. The post “24 Different Types of Doors” discusses the specifics of door types. So I won’t go into details. I took some sample photographs below to demonstrate how doors differ in a variety of ways. When we recommend a Turkish door manufacturer, we basically consider every aspect of your needs.

I’ll do my best to assist you by referring you to relevant membership organizations that register specialized Turkish door manufacturers. Please do not close the window and continue reading. By the end, you’ll have a good understanding of where to visit for the most trustworthy and legitimate Turkish door manufacturers.

Types of Doors
Types of Doors

Some Turkish Door Manufacturers

Turkish Door Manufacturers
Turkish Door Manufacturers

Because there are several door types, I will offer you categorized samples of Turkish door manufacturers depending on membership organization listings. Please keep in mind that Kayseri province is the focal point of Turkish door manufacturing. There are around 1,000 Turkish door manufacturers, but only a handful of them are eligible for international standards. Besides, branding is very low among Turkish door manufacturers.

The door manufacturing sector in Turkey is not as established as that of basic metals, vehicles, porcelain tiles, or clothing (source: Turkey’s export volume by industry in 2021–2022). There is no organization that represents all Turkish door manufacturers. Instead, several small-scale and specialized civil society organizations work to preserve Turkish doormakers’ rights.

Steel Door Industrialists and Businessmen Association (KAPSIAD)

Turkish security doors
Turkish security doors

When compared to automatic doors or other types of doors, Turkish steel doors, or Turkish security doors, are the most exported product groupings. Turkish door manufacturers are high in number in steel door manufacturing and PVC door manufacturing. KAPSIAD was established to ensure the unity of steel door, wooden door, and other door manufacturers, sub-industrialists, and suppliers. The association does not provide the names of Turkish steel door manufacturers. Therefore, it is better to contact them directly.

Window and Door Sector Association (PUKAD)

Seven top PVC door and window manufacturers in Turkey founded PUKAD in 1999, and the association adopted its current name in 2012. The founder and currently active companies of the association are:

  • ADOPEN Plastic and Construction Industry, Inc.
  • EGEPEN Plastic Industry and Trade, Inc.
  • EGE PROFIL Trade and Industry, Inc.
  • FIRAT PLASTIC Robber Industry and Trade, Inc.
  • HAFFNER Machinery Industry and Trade, Inc.
  • HATUPEN Plastic Window Systems, Inc.

You can regard these businesses as Turkish PVC door manufacturers. PUKAD’s full member list includes the individual Turkish PVC door and window brands owned by these and other member companies.

Automatic Door Industrialists Businessmen Association (OKSIAD)

OKSIAD-Turkish automatic door manufacturers list
OKSIAD-Turkish automatic door manufacturers list

OKSIAD, which was established in 2018, defines automatic doors as sensor automatic door systems, industrial door systems, garage doors, road barriers, turnstiles, card access systems, blinds, and shutters. As a result, you can use the OKSIAD member list to find Turkish automated door manufacturers.

The absence of a corporation in Kayseri is the most notable element of this list. This is due to the fact that automatic doors are far more difficult and expensive than standard external doors. Turkish door manufacturers working in the automatic door market are from Turkey’s more technologically advanced regions.


In 2022, we sourced security doors from Kayseri for a European client, and we had the opportunity to speak personally with 14 Turkish steel door manufacturers in Kayseri and Izmir. Please add our website to your “Frequently Used Links” list since we will soon publish a case study on Turkish door manufacturers, mainly Turkish steel door manufacturing.

In summary, Turkish door manufacturers offer a varied choice of visually beautiful and highly functional options for all budgets, whether they are steel doors, security doors, or PVC doors.

If you want to learn more about sectors, please check out the “Sectors in Turkey” category on the blog page. My next post is “Turkish Drone Manufacturers.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Turkish door manufacturers have a reputation for creating products that balance artistry and security. Their doors often feature durable materials and advanced security mechanisms.

Turkey steel doors are designed to withstand severe weather conditions and potential intrusions, making them a safe choice. Moreover, Turkish door manufacturers often incorporate artistic designs into their steel doors, resulting in a product that doesn’t compromise aesthetics.

Turkish security doors often feature advanced locking mechanisms made from high-strength materials for enhanced durability. They are designed to provide maximum security and are preferred for homes and businesses.

Yes. Pelotek has an extensive database of Turkish door manufacturers. We will soon publish our case study related to Turkish security doors and relevant price quotes. Follow our case studies.

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