Turkish fridge manufacturers should be considered inside the “White Goods” sector, which I explained in the article titled Turkish Appliance Manufacturers. I decided to write a separate article about Turkish fridge manufacturers due to the well-deserved reputation they have gained in the world and Europe over the decades.

Turkish fridge manufacturers are one of the important building blocks of the Turkish economy with their high added value, strong export volume, high competitiveness, and well-known (globally recognized) brands.

I am a huge fan of Beko, and this video shows the fridge I use at home.

Top Turkish Fridge Manufacturers

Turkish Fridge Manufacturers
Turkish Fridge Manufacturers

The number of Turkish fridge manufacturers is very limited due to the characteristics of the white goods industry, such as requiring high investment, being based on advanced technology, being highly competitive, and necessitating brand awareness for sales.

Below, I list the largest-scale ones among the 8 refrigerator manufacturers that are members of the Turkish White Goods Manufacturers Association.

Arçelik Inc, Istanbul

Arcelik is a technology and white-goods company that was founded in 1955. Arcelik fridges are noted for their low energy usage (A+ class) and quiet operation. The company sells high-quality, long-lasting residential coolers. In addition to the Arçelik brand, Beko refrigerators are well-known and preferred worldwide. Beko is the first Turkish white goods brand to be distributed outside of Turkey. A BEKO-branded product is estimated to be sold every two seconds somewhere in the world today. In addition to the Beko brand, Arçelik Inc. owns the Grundig brand, and Grudvig fridges are just as popular.

Vestel White Good Industry and Trade Inc., Manisa

Vestel, which produces on an area of 1.3 million square meters in Manisa, has 19,500 employees, and 2,300 of those employees are engineers. Vestel is one of the top 10 largest home appliance companies in Europe and has been Turkey’s export champion in this field for more than 20 years. Regal is a brand owned by Vestel.

BSH Home Appliances Industry and Trade, Inc., Tekirdag

The most important brand of the company is Profilo, and it has an important place among Turkish fridge manufacturers. Despite using high technology and quality materials, their fridge prices are slightly lower than those of their competitors.

Other Turkish Fridge Manufacturers

In this section, I am only listing the remaining Turkish fridge manufacturers. In case you want to read the details of these companies, please check out the post “Turkish Refrigerator Manufacturers.”

  • Silverline
  • Simfer
  • Ugur Cooling

The Location of Turkish Fridge Manufacturers

The graph below is from the Turkish Industrial Development Bank’s publication, White Goods Sectoral Outlook, 2018. As shown in the graph, Turkish fridge manufacturers are concentrated in western Turkey, notably Istanbul.

Turkish Fridge Manufacturers Geographic Distribution
Turkish Fridge Manufacturers Geographic Distribution

Turkish White Goods Industry

Connect with Turkish Fridge Manufacturers
Connect with Turkish Fridge Manufacturers

Turkey is Europe’s foremost and the world’s second-largest manufacturer of white goods. Because the white goods business is one of the most important sectors for brand exposure, company purchases and company collaborations are highly popular in this field around the world.

According to the Turkish White Goods Manufacturers Association, the Turkish white goods sector employs 60,000 people directly, and this number rises to 500,000 with the sub-industry and dealer network (source: Turkish Industrial Development Bank, White Goods Sectoral Outlook, 2018).


Turkish fridge manufacturers have influenced the worldwide cooling industry. Their dedication to quality and innovation has set them apart. These manufacturers have numerous options for consumers and businesses searching for reliable home fridges or powerful commercial refrigeration solutions.

Pelotek Sourcing connects international buyers with these reputable Turkish fridge manufacturers. At Pelotek, we know the Turkish market and have many commercial relationships. We aim to facilitate your sourcing process. If you want us by your side, please visit our Product Sourcing Agent Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Turkish fridge manufacturers are known for their exceptional quality, innovative designs, and energy-efficient technologies. They offer various products, from residential refrigerators to commercial refrigeration solutions, meeting diverse customer needs.

Pelotek Sourcing is a trusted partner, connecting importers with reliable sellers in Turkey. We have a broad network of connections in the white goods industry and can help you find the proper manufacturer based on your specific needs and preferences.

Steel sheet, plastic, copper, and aluminum are extensively used in the white goods industry. Turkey imports some of these raw materials in dollars and sells them mainly in euros. For this reason, the Turkish white goods sector is very sensitive to exchange rate fluctuations.

Yes, Turkish fridge manufacturers place great emphasis on energy efficiency. Many Turkish fridge manufacturers incorporate advanced technologies into their products to minimize energy consumption, decrease noise, and help customers save on electricity bills.

One of the reasons why fridges made in Turkey are cheaper than those from other countries with the same quality and features is that the Turkish private sector is very competitive and oriented towards exports due to low wages, good exchange rates, and some governmental support. Another reason is the high demand for refrigeration appliances within Turkey, which enables lower costs through large-scale production. These are not the only factors that may affect how Turkish fridges are priced, but they are some of the main ones.

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