Turkish glassware manufacturers lack a trade union and are classified as part of the “cement, glass, and ceramics group” on the civil society association aspect. However, in 2022, the General Directorate of Industry of the Republic of Turkey published the “2021 Glass Sector” report. This report classified glass manufacturers separately because of the increasing added value of the industry.

Even though Turkey is best at flat glass production and Turkish glassware manufacturers have a substantially smaller output volume than flat glass makers, Turkish glassware manufacturers are ranked second in Europe and third in the globe, making them vital to the Turkish economy.

Turkey’s Glass Production

Turkish Glassware Quality
Turkish Glassware Quality

Glass production began in 1935 with the establishment of the Pasabahce factory by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The glass industry is one of the basic industrial areas that supplies input to many sectors, including the automotive sector and the white goods sector. Turkish glassware manufacturers constitute just a tiny part of this massive glass industry.

Glass production is a sector that requires modern technology, large-scale investment, and significant (capital-intensive) financial resources in addition to high energy costs. All of these reasons make it tough to enter the glass market. As a result, I will not list or mention hundreds of Turkish glassware manufacturers in this post.

Globally, Turkey ranks 1st in Europe and 5th globally in flat glass, second in Europe and third globally in glassware, fifth globally in glass packaging, and fourth globally in soda ash. As previously noted, Turkish glassware manufacturers as a whole are the 2nd biggest in Europe and 3rd in the world (source: the General Directorate of Industry of the Republic of Turkey, 2021 Glass Sector).

The Major Turkish Glassware Manufacturers

Turkish Glassware Manufacturers
Turkish Glassware Manufacturers

The major Turkish glassware manufacturers are Turkiye Bottle and Glass Factories Inc., Duzce Glass, Gural Glass, and Park Glass. Glass industry facilities are generally located in the Istanbul, Gebze, Mersin, Kirklareli, and Denizli provinces of Turkey. In addition, Sisecam Group covers 72% of the glass production capacity in Turkey.

Today, there are approximately 12,000 small and medium-sized businesses in the sector that add value to glass, with particular emphasis on Turkish glassware manufacturers.

Turkiye Bottle and Glass Factories Inc., Istanbul

Founded in 1935, the company’s official Turkish name is Turkiye Sise ve Cam Fabrikalari A.S., or SISECAM.

Sisecam is the absolute leader among all Turkish glass and glassware manufacturers. Pasabahce, a Sisecam brand, is the top Turkish glassware manufacturer.

Pasabahce is just one of the many brands that Sisecam carries; others include Nude, Borcam, and Zest Glass. As a result of its global expansion, Sisecam now exports its glassware to 140 different nations.

Sisecam is not only the market leader in glassware manufacturing but also in retailing in Turkey via Pasabahce Stores. The Pasabahce Stores are a Turkish retail chain that specializes in home goods, including dinnerware and cookware. They are known for their one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge store designs and their dedication to excellent customer service. Pasabahce Stores offers glass, ceramics, porcelain, wood, and steel tableware and kitchenware, as well as home decoration items.

Pasabahce-the-top Turkish glassware manufacturer
Pasabahce-the-top Turkish glassware manufacturer

Duzce Glass Industry and Trade Inc., Istanbul

Exporting to 25 countries, Duzce Glass mainly manufactures flat glass, colored glass, coated glass, laminated glass, and mirror products. The company’s factory is located in Duzce, as its name suggests. Considering that it has a plant area of 468,000 m2 and is one of the largest glass manufacturing enterprises in Turkey, I included it on my list of Turkish glassware manufacturers.

The name “Duzce Float Glass” appears in the company’s logo. However, they market their wares under the generic term “flat glass.” I did not understand the reason why they used fload instead of flat. Duzce Float Glass may represent the premier source of solar glass for solar panel manufacturers.

Gural Glass Packing (GCA), Istanbul

As Turkey’s second-largest glass packaging manufacturer, this company is innovative and strong in design. One of GCA’s bottle designs was selected as the winner of the World Packaging Organization’s “Worldstar 2021” contest. The company’s main products are bottles, jars, and spirits. Their manufacturing facility is located in Kutahya. Even though GCA is an import Turkish glassware manufacturer, I could not find the full company name or other institutional details.

Park Glass Industry and Trade Inc., Istanbul

As a glass packaging manufacturer, the company mainly manufactures bottles. Park Cam has an annual 365,000 tons of production capacity and employs 580 people.

Affordable Turkish Glassware

In the Turkish glassware industry, supply is higher than demand. That is why glass is so inexpensive in Turkey. A considerable portion of Turkey’s glassware capacity has been devoted to exporting. Additionally, the most significant characteristic of glass is that it allows for recycling indefinitely.

Tableware and ornaments, flat glass, and fibers are among the most exported Turkish glass products. In 2021, Italy, Israel, and Germany were the top three export countries. Today, the majority of Turkish glass is exported to over 150 countries, and Turkey has been a “net exporter” for many years.


Connect with Turkish Glassware Manufacturers
Connect with Turkish Glassware Manufacturers

In conclusion, Turkish glassware manufacturers have made their mark in the global glassware market. For the above manufacturers, you can directly contact them. However, if you need further assistance in finding smaller-sized Turkish glassware manufacturers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

My next post is “Turkish Fridge Manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Turkish glassware manufacturers produce a wide variety of glassware, including tableware, drinkware, decorative items, kitchenware, and lighting fixtures. They offer traditional and contemporary designs, catering to various tastes and requirements.

The most important inputs used in glass production are sand, soda, dolomite, and quartz. Since Turkey is rich in these resources, the Turkish glass industry uses 98% domestic raw materials.

Turkish glassware is known for its excellent quality. These manufacturers use high-quality materials and follow stringent quality control measures to ensure their products meet high standards. Many Turkish glassware products are favored by luxury hotels, restaurants, and households worldwide for their durability, design, and craftsmanship.

Yes, many Turkish glassware manufacturers offer custom-made products. It is advisable to contact the manufacturer for specific customization requirements directly.

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