Turkish fire truck manufacturers operate in the on-vehicle equipment sector. My research on “Turkish truck manufacturing” served as the inspiration for this post. I reviewed the Turkish fire truck manufacturers using ARUSDER‘s member list and merely put their names because all details are easily accessible via ASUDER’s website. I also completed a Google search.


Vehicle and On-vehicle Equipment and Work Machines Association (ARUSDER) is a civil society organization listed on the Turkish Machinery Federation website. This non-profit organization, which was founded in 1999, provides services for the growth of Turkey’s on-vehicle equipment and construction machinery sectors. As a result, you can rely on this organization to help you identify the top Turkish fire truck manufacturers.

Top Turkish Fire Truck Manufacturers

As of November 2023, ARUSDER’s website lists 69 member manufacturers in the “On-Vehicle Equipment” firms list, with just 20 of them categorized as manufacturers of “maintenance and rescue vehicles”. In addition, in the “Fire Response Vehicles” category, there are 15 companies. I checked all of them, assuming that the products of these companies would differ, and I made sure they were actually in the fire truck manufacturing business.

Please note that I am giving you the original names of the companies, which are in Turkish. In this way, your searches for Turkish fire truck manufacturers will be much easier.

ARUSDER: Maintenance and Rescue Vehicles

As stated above, ARUSDER lists 20 companies in the maintenance and rescue vehicle manufacturing industry. Based on company pages, product photos, and company websites, only six of them can be accepted as Turkish fire truck manufacturers.

Turkish maintenance and rescue vehicles list of ARUSDER
Turkish maintenance and rescue vehicles list of ARUSDER

List of companies that manufacture fire trucks based on the above list.

  • Altincekic Vinc Sanayi
  • Karba Otomotiv Makine Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd
  • Pişirgen Makina Imalat Sanayi Ltd
  • Pios Mühendislik Makine Imalat Tasarim Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd
  • Cinar Itfaiye (CNR Belediye Hizmet Araclari)
  • BAIS A.S.

ARUSDER: Turkish Fire Truck Manufacturers

Then I noticed a category called “Fire Response Vehicles,” which contains 153 companies. At first, I assumed I could list them all as Turkish fire truck manufacturers. However, I removed some companies from this list as well. Surprisingly, some of the fire truck companies listed in the maintenance and rescue vehicles section were missing here.

Turkish Fire Truck Manufacturers list of ARUSDER
Turkish Fire Truck Manufacturers list of ARUSDER

List of companies that manufacture fire trucks based on the above list.

  • Odabaşı Makine Otomotiv Sanayi A.Ş.
  • Kozanoğlu Kozmaksan Hidrolik Pompa Sanayi ve Dis Ticaret Ltd
  • Bumer Makine Imalat
  • Baksan Yuruyen Merdiven Sanayi Ticaret A.S.
  • Volkan Itfaiye Malzemeleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd

Final List of Turkish Fire Truck Manufacturers

Turkish Fire Truck Manufacturer
Turkish Fire Truck Manufacturer

I combined the two lists and discovered that 11 companies are reliable for fire truck manufacturing. To be more specific, I translated their corporate names into English this time. If you want to do your own search for Turkish fire truck manufacturers, I strongly recommend that you stick to the original Turkish company names.

  1. Altincekic Crane Industry
  2. Karba Automotive Machinery Industry and Trade Ltd.
  3. Pisirgen Machinery Manufacturing Industry Ltd.
  4. Pios Engineering Machinery Manufacturing Design Industry and Trade Ltd.
  5. Cinar Fire Truck (CNR Municipal Service Vehicles)
  6. BAIS Inc.
  7. Odabaşı Machine Automotive Industry Inc.
  8. Kozanoğlu Kozmaksan Hydraulic Pump Industry and Foreign Trade Ltd.
  9. Bumer Machinery Manufacturing
  10. Baksan Escalator Industry and Trade Inc.
  11. Volkan Fire Equipment Industry and Trade Ltd.


I attempted to make a reliable list of Turkish fire truck manufacturers. If you want Pelotek to be a bridge between you and these companies, please do not hesitate to contact us as your Turkey sourcing agent.

My next post is “Fabric Manufacturers in Turkey”.

FAQ in Turkish Fire Truck Manufacturers

Yes, Turkish fire trucks are designed and built to meet or exceed international safety and performance standards.

Yes, Turkish truck manufacturers will finalize the product in accordance with your specifications. Communication is essential in this situation.

I discovered the association for these companies after conducting considerable research. As a result, I used their lists. After thoroughly researching each company, I concluded that I could confidently name 11 Turkish fire vehicle manufacturers.

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