Bentonite clay for detox is a special type of bentonite clay that is used for detoxifying the body.

It is therapeutic clay.

I received a sourcing request for bentonite clay for detox around 2 years ago, and the client wanted me to find the best Turkish therapeutic clay for detoxifying the body. I had no idea bentonite was used for such things before that order. This was a $30 “Turkish supplier identification for 1 product” job. I also had no idea that I would eventually base my whole retirement plan on the therapeutic bentonite clay trade. I was almost in love with this product, and this is also the reason why we founded Pelotek in Wyoming.

Turkish Bentonite Clay Manufacturers’ Disinterest

You can read about the leading bentonite clay manufacturers in Turkey, as well as sectoral statistics, in my post titled “Turkish bentonite manufacturers.” Given Turkey’s extensive natural clay reserves, I initially assumed that I would quickly identify the suppliers and recommend to my client several manufacturers involved with the production of bentonite clay for detox.

However, things didn’t go as planned. After identifying five Turkish bentonite manufacturers, I decided to call some of them. I also read some scholarly studies on bentonite clay applications (Application of Bentonite Clay for Human Use), and one study led to another. I spent more than a month researching this topic (which I continued even after the service was delivered). My focus was to find the basic criteria for using bentonite clay for detox.

The companies I contacted stated that their clay is not suitable for internal use. I assured them that the montmorillonite content of their clay was enough and that their products were natural. I even compared their products to Wyoming’s, but no one was interested.

At the time, there was a company selling bentonite clay drinks. I purchased a drink from them. However, after studying the firm, product, composition (bentonite type), and original location of the bentonite mines, I determined that these drinks were untrustworthy for internal consumption. I notified the client about the product, but I also told him about my concerns, including the fact that they did not utilize the proper bentonite clay for detox use (I even sent some scientific papers).

The Standards for Bentonite Clay for Detox

Bentonite Clay for detoxifying the body
Bentonite Clay for detoxifying the body

Based on my research, I determined some standards for bentonite clay for detox. These standards, in my opinion, are crucial for using clay for internal use. Do your own research, and please note that the following are my personal recommendations:

  • The clay’s CAS code should be 1302-78-9 (food additive CAS code).
  • The clay’s EC number should be 215-108-5.
  • Bentonite clay for detox should have a minimum rate of 95% montmorillonite for human use and a 90% rate for animal use.
  • An analysis from a reputable laboratory should support the montmorillonite rate.
  • Bentonite for food use is not appropriate for internal use.
  • The product description must contain expressions such as healing, therapeutic, internal use, detox, or detoxification.
  • If no analysis document is provided in the product description or no rates are given, at least the location of the bentonite mine from which the clay was extracted should be written.
  • Clay must be 100% natural and not subjected to any chemical treatment.
  • The pH should be above 9.
  • If possible, it is best if the product has a food- or pharma-grade certificate.
  • The product should be appropriate for import as a food additive.

Clay can vary greatly, even in different layers within the same mineral deposit. Despite this, the deposits have general characteristics, and this is specifically written in the mineral exploration reports of the countries. The above standards may help you find the best bentonite clay for detox.

A Brief Look at Chinese Bentonite Clay for Detox

I contacted about 70 Chinese companies that manufacture and sell bentonite clay. For their bentonite clays, none of them had a “food grade” certificate. Okay, this may not be essential because bentonite clay for detox use is still relatively new to the world. Many Chinese companies, however, provided me “feed grade” certificates rather than “food grade” certificates. This was strange, but real. I currently hold a number of feed-grade certificates. I can add them and show you if you ask in the comments.


Bentonite Clay for Detox In Turkey
Bentonite Clay for Detox In Turkey

I was unable to endorse any of the Turkish bentonite manufacturers for therapy or, let’s say, internal usage. However, for skin and tooth care, Turkish bentonite clay is a superb alternative that is comparable with the well-known Wyoming bentonite quality. Instead of conducting research and development to create a product of bentonite clay for detox, Turkey continues to offer therapeutic clays as cat litter.

My next post is Turkish Fire truck manufacturers.

FAQ on Therapeutic Bentonite Clays

No. We do not currently sell bentonite clay for detox purposes. However, we are in the process of investing. We are still looking for companies that fit the criteria set forth above and hope to find a trustworthy seller. Please contact us if you have a product that matches the above criteria.

Special clays with therapeutic properties cannot be eaten but can be drunk after resolving them in water. However, the word “edible” is used in product descriptions for therapeutic clays.

  • CAS code: 1302-78-9 (food additive CAS code)
  • EC number: 215-108-5
  • Bentonite clay for detox should have a minimum rate of 95% montmorillonite for human use and a 90% rate for animal use
  • The pH should be above 9

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