Jewelry dropshipping from Turkey is possible, and this case study is a testimonial to this fact. This is the second case study of a series of tasks that we did for a US-based client who wanted to source zamak jewelry from Turkey.

After we completed the first task, the client was very happy and satisfied with our work. However, the client also wanted to know if jewelry dropshipping from Turkey was possible. They wanted us to identify jewelry drop-shipping companies in Turkey.

The Client’s Order for Jewelry Dropshipping

Drop-shipping jewelry from Turkey
Jewelry Dropshipping from Turkey

The client asked us to find three reliable jewelry manufacturers in Turkey who could do dropshipping for them. They also decided to extend their store with silver jewelry, as they thought it would attract more customers. Therefore, the client ordered “Turkish supplier identification service.” Since they wanted us to find only 3 reliable Turkish manufacturers for jewelry dropshipping, we agreed upon $55 for this task, which was much lower than their first order.

Advantages of Jewelry Dropshipping

Jewelry dropshipping is a popular and profitable business model for online sellers, where the seller acts as a middleman. Jewelry is a product that has high demand, a high profit margin, and a low weight and size. Jewelry is also a product that can be easily customized and personalized, which adds more value and appeal to customers. However, dropshipping also has some challenges and risks, but this is not our topic in this post.

Advantages of Jewelry Dropshipping from Turkey

Turkey is a great country for sourcing jewelry, as I mentioned in the first case study as well as our “Turkish jewelry manufacturers” post. Turkey’s jewelry market is broad and diverse, with many manufacturers and suppliers offering various types of jewelry such as gold, silver, metal, zamak, gemstones, and handcrafted. Turkey also has a competitive advantage in terms of price, quality, and design. Therefore, Turkey is one of the best countries for jewelry dropshipping.

Finding Jewelry Drop-Shipping Companies

However, finding drop-shipping companies in Turkey is not an easy task, as not many jewelry manufacturers or suppliers are willing or able to do drop-shipping. There are many reasons for this, such as the lack of experience and knowledge, the fear of losing control and reputation, the difficulty of communication and coordination, and the complexity of Turkish customs.


The client requested that we identify jewelry dropshipping companies that also manufacture (1) zamak jewelry and (2) silver jewelry. The client did not have a minimum order quantity and wanted the shortest duration for shipping. Besides, the client wanted to use their own brand, thus a private label jewelry production. My task was to find three jewelry manufacturers in Turkey that match these criteria.

I used the same sources and tools that I used in the first task, such as Google search, Turkish marketplaces, Facebook groups, and a woman forum, to find and compile a list of potential jewelry dropshipping partners. I filtered and sorted the list of potential dropshipping partners according to the product groups and the criteria that the client provided me.

After shortlisting potential jewelry dropshipping partners, I contacted them for information on products, prices, and services. I sent product photos and asked if they could dropship similar items. Responses varied, with some partners confirming, others denying, and some offering limited dropshipping options.

Three Turkish Manufacturers of Jewelry Dropshipping

I encountered difficulties in identifying potential jewelry dropshipping partners in Turkey, as dropshipping was not widely practiced among jewelry manufacturers or suppliers. Furthermore, many were unaware, uninterested, suspicious, or hesitant due to technical or legal issues.

However, I also found some promising and willing dropshipping partners who could meet the client’s needs and expectations. I found three jewelry manufacturers in Turkey who could do dropshipping for the client. One of them was for metal jewelry, and two of them were for silver jewelry. Here are the details and the working conditions of these jewelry dropshipping companies.

Working with Turkish Jewelry Dropshipping Companies

3 jewelry dropshipping companies
The 3 Turkish Jewelry Dropshipping Manufacturers

The first jewelry dropshipping partner was a metal jewelry manufacturer who agreed to send the shipment to the client’s Amazon stores (min. $266 order) under a private label or directly to the client’s store. They said that as soon as the order was a minimum of 7,500 TL (around $266), they would send the products anywhere. They also said that they had a minimum order quantity of $266 with a 40% discount. They had a large and diverse collection of metal jewelry that matched the client’s photos. They also had a high quality standard and a fast delivery time. I arranged a WhatsApp conference call and connected the supplier with the client. However, the client wanted a slightly higher discount and a cheaper shipping method. Therefore, they could not agree on the terms.

The second jewelry dropshipping company was a silver jewelry manufacturer who said that they could do dropshipping, but weirdly, they wanted the account credentials (Amazon password) of the client. They said that they needed the Amazon password to access the client’s account and fulfill the orders. They also said that they had a minimum order quantity of $100 with a 30% discount. Their product catalog was strong, but they had a slow delivery time. They did not want me to arrange a meeting with the client, so I simply gave their number to the client. I did not know if they agreed or not.

The third jewelry dropshipping partner was again a silver jewelry manufacturer, but this company was highly experienced in dropshipping, and they also had a store on the Etsy platform. They said that they did not need the Amazon password or any other e-commerce password information from the client. They would handle everything from production to shipment. They had a $200 minimum order quantity, and they offered a 40% discount. They had a large and diverse collection of silver jewelry that matched the client’s photos. They also had a high quality standard and a fast delivery time. I didn’t need to arrange a meeting with the client and the supplier. I only provided the contact information to both parties. They decided to start working together and place a test order.


We successfully identified three Turkish jewelry dropshipping manufacturers.

I reported everything to the client and sent them the information and the contact details of the three jewelry dropshipping partners.

To my knowledge, the client chose to work with the silver jewelry dropshipping manufacturer (the third one) and avoided metal jewelry dropshipping from Turkey. They told me that it was not worth the hassle and risk of dropshipping metal jewelry. They preferred bulk purchases from the first manufacturer and dropped-shipping silver jewelry from the third manufacturer.

I congratulated them on their decision, wished them success, and thanked them for their cooperation, recognizing the value I provided by finding the right jewelry dropshipping partners.

The next post is “Turkish Extra Virgin Olive Oil: A $150 Challenge.”

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