Turkish jewelry manufacturers provide a wide range of jewelry, from complex designs influenced by Ottoman tradition to modern, minimalist pieces. These companies should be assessed from two perspectives: those that process precious metals like gold and silver, and those that process non-precious metals.

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Turkish Precious Metal Jewelry Manufacturers

The following are the most important Turkish-made domestic brands and companies among Turkish jewelry manufacturers involved in the sector of precious metal jewelry.

  • Atasay (Atasay Jewelry Industry and Trade Inc.)
  • Gilan (Gilan Jewelry Trade Inc.)
  • Altınbaş (Altınbaş Jewelry Import Export and Trade Inc.)
  • Blue Diamond (Med-Art Health Services and Jewelry Ltd.)
  • Aris (Ariş Souvenirs Industry and Trade Inc.)
  • Koçak Gold (Koçak Gold Jewelry Foreign Trade Inc.)
  • Glamira (Glamira Internet and Jewelry Industry and Trade Inc.)
  • Zen (Med-Art Health Services and Jewelry Industry and Trade Ltd.)
  • Roberto Bravo (Motif Jewelry Industry and Trade, Inc.)

This list of Turkish jewelry manufacturers can also be considered a list of Turkish gold manufacturers, Turkish silver manufacturers, and Turkish platinum manufacturers.

Turkish Custom Jewelry Manufacturers

Top Turkish Jewelry Manufacturers and Wholesalers
Top Turkish Jewelry Manufacturers and Wholesalers

The Turkish jewelry industry is comprised of more than just precious metal manufacturing. There are hundreds of tiny workshops or small-sized companies that process non-nobel metals for jewelry production. I listed only 4 of the Turkish custom jewelry manufacturers, but please beware that these are the ones that we contacted before and got price quotes from.

  • Osmanli Taki
  • Lalababa
  • Pinart
  • Zeydor

I will give you a list of jewelry manufacturers in Istanbul. The materials used by Turkish non-precious metal jewelry manufacturers are listed below:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Zamac
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Zinc
  • Brass
  • Titanium

Precious Metal Jewelry Sector in Turkey

Turkish Jewelry Affordable Yet Elegant
Turkish Jewelry Affordable Yet Elegant

The following information comes from reliable sources: The Turkish Republic Trade Ministry, Jewelry Industry Report, 2020, is the primary source. I also used the Turkish government’s Report on Jewelry and Precious Stones.

Size of the Turkish Gold Jewelry Industry

While Turkey is one of the five largest markets in the world in terms of gold jewelry market size, along with India, China, the United States, and Russia, it is also one of the top three countries in terms of production, together with India and Italy. Turkey has a gold processing capability of 400 tons per year. However, only 250–300 tons of gold jewelry are manufactured each year.

Employment Size of Turkish Jewelry Manufacturers

The Turkish jewelry industry is among the largest Turkish manufacturing sectors and employs approximately 250,000 people. There are approximately 5,000 jewelry manufacturers and 35,000 retail stores in the sector. Currently, there are more than 50 large companies employing between 200 and 1500 qualified employees.

Jewelry Production Centers in Turkey

Although the gold jewelry production center is in Istanbul, significant amounts of production are also made in Ankara and Izmir. There is also production with traditional lines in some provinces in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia.

Refinery of Gold in Istanbul

The Istanbul Gold Refinery (www.iar. com.tr), founded in 1995, began operations in 2002. Scrap gold is transformed into bullion and directed for reuse and export at the gold refinery. The Istanbul Gold Refinery has the capability of refining 99.99% pure gold in as little as four hours.

Jeweler City (Kuyumcu Kent)

Kuyumcu Kent (www.kuyumcukent. com.tr) is a facility established by sector members to provide Turkish jewelry with a modern and technological infrastructure in order to structure it in accordance with the needs of the modern era and elevate it to a strategic position on an international scale. It was constructed on a 186 000 m2 plot of land with a gross construction area of 328,000 m2. Kuyumcu Kent has 2500 units in production and sales. It also features a branch of the Istanbul Gold Refinery.

International Jewelry Trade Fairs in Turkey

Five major jewelry fairs are held in Turkey every year. These are “Antalya Jewellery, Silver, and Watch Fair”, “Istanbul International Watch, Jewelry Machinery, and Equipment Fair”, “Istanbul Jewelry Fair-IJS”, “Izmir JEWEX Fair” and “Çukurova Gold and Jewelry Fair”.

Jewelry Exports from Turkey

Exports of Turkish Jewelry Manufacturers
Exports of Turkish Jewelry Manufacturers

Of Turkey’s jewelry production, 30–40% is exported, and the rest is sold to domestic consumers, tourists, and suitcase traders. One out of every four travelers who visit Turkey purchases jewelry. Tourists and suitcase traders buy almost 40% of all gold jewelry manufactured each year.

In 2019, Turkey’s gold jewelry exports were $5 billion USD. The main export countries were Iraq, the UAE, Germany, the USA, Hong Kong, and Libya. The market to which most exports are made in this product group is the United Arab Emirates. It is followed by Iraq, the USA, England, and Hong Kong, respectively.

Jewelry imports to Turkey

Turkey’s gold jewelry imports amounted to 806.2 million USD in 2019. The main countries of import are India, Italy, the U.A.E., Bolivia, and Estonia.


Turkish Jewelry Manufacturers
Turkish Jewelry Manufacturers

In conclusion, Turkish jewelry manufacturers have much to offer regarding quality, style, and diversity. Whether you’re a business seeking reliable sources for wholesale Turkish jewelry supplies or an individual with a taste for unique, high-quality jewelry, these manufacturers provide an array of options.

Pelotek can assist small businesses in gaining access to any type of Turkish jewelry. Despite our greater experience sourcing non-precious metal jewelry, we can assist you in locating the best Turkish jewelry manufacturers based on your unique requirements. Please contact us and give us jewelry samples of your choice. We can connect you with companies with export experience and collect price quotations for you, especially if you are thinking about launching a jewelry business to sell online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Turkish jewelry manufacturers are known for their exceptional quality and meticulous craftsmanship. They use high-grade materials and adhere to strict quality control processes, ensuring each piece is beautiful and durable.

Turkish jewelry manufacturers offer diverse jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. They create pieces that cater to various styles, from traditional Turkish designs to modern, minimalist pieces.

Yes, you can buy wholesale Turkish jewelry. Many manufacturers offer wholesale and dropshipping options, making it an excellent choice for businesses and individuals looking for high-quality jewelry at competitive prices.

Turkish jewelry manufacturers use various materials in their pieces, including gold, silver, gemstones, and more. The choice of materials often depends on the specific design and style of the jewelry.

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