Turkish office furniture manufacturers, like other sub-furniture industries, began to participate in both national and international markets in the late 1980s and early 1990s by growing production volumes. Modular office furniture, in particular, has enabled the furniture sector to establish an innovative structure.

Office Furniture Industrial and Businessmen Association (OMSIAD)

OMSIAD Members of Turkish Office Furniture Manufacturers
OMSIAD Members of Turkish Office Furniture Manufacturers

This civil society organization, founded in February 1999, registers Turkish office furniture manufacturers in order to safeguard and promote their joint goals, economic and cultural rights, and interests. If you want to find credible and proficient office furniture makers, you should definitely look into the OMSIAD member list.

Please keep in mind that I listed two different occupational organizations in my article titled “Turkish Sofa Manufacturers.” This list also includes some Turkish sofa manufacturers. However, I can tell that office furniture manufacturers make up roughly 90% of the enterprises listed on the OMSIAD website.

3 Reliable Turkish Office Furniture Manufacturers

Turkish Office Furniture Manufacturers
Turkish Office Furniture Manufacturers

Despite the fact that practically all Turkish office furniture manufacturers‘ contact information can be found on the OMSIAD members page, I’d like to look into the five office furniture manufacturers who have been operating successfully in Turkey for many years.

Burosit Office Equipment Industry and Trade Inc., Bursa

Founded in 1985, Burosit is a global brand. I’ve been using Burosit chairs since 2012, and they’re still in good condition. Their prices are slightly higher than those of many other Turkish office furniture manufacturers, but they are well worth the extra expense. Burosit presently exports to 35 countries and has an 11.000 m2 production space and a 2000 m2 R&D area. Their catalogs are available for download on their website. Their products are also available on the Modoko website.

Tosunogulları Furniture Industry and Trade Inc., Konya

Founded in 1994, the company created the brand BUROTIME in 2000. Bürotime, which operates in 140,000 m2 production facilities, made its first worldwide sales in 2002 and now exports to 50 countries. I did not have the opportunity to try out their products. I believe that Burotime is manufacturing serially, just like Burosit, and I don’t think they accept small orders. You can check out their products on their website, as well as Modoko and Masko’s website.

Turkish Office Furniture Sector
Turkish Office Furniture Sector

Canakcilar Construction Materials Trade and Industry Inc., Istanbul

With its famous brand DOXA, the company manufactures office furniture in its Zonguldak plant in a 105,000 m2 closed area. Currently, it exports to 25 countries.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, Turkish office furniture manufacturers offer a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. They produce various products catering to various tastes and needs.

Connect with Turkish Office Furniture Manufacturers
Connect with Turkish Office Furniture Manufacturers

I mentioned three large-scale Turkish office furniture manufacturers. If you are looking for individual office furniture, you should look at their internet stores. If you are an entrepreneur looking to place a modest order, I can recommend a few organizations that offer small-scale production and private labeling. Simply contact us.

Working with a sourcing company like Pelotek Sourcing can help streamline your sourcing process. We are experienced in connecting buyers with reliable sellers in Turkey and are dedicated to providing a seamless and beneficial sourcing experience. With our assistance, you can easily tap into the vast pool of talent and craftsmanship that Turkish office furniture manufacturers offer.

If you want to learn more about sectors, please check out the “Sectors in Turkey” category on the blog page. My next post in this category is “Turkish Solar Panel Manufacturers.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Turkish office furniture manufacturers are known for their quality craftsmanship, innovative designs, and commitment to sustainability. They offer a wide variety of styles and cater to both domestic and international markets.

Turkish manufacturers produce a wide range of office furniture, including office chairs, desks, conference tables, filing cabinets, storage solutions, etc. These products come in various designs and styles, catering to different tastes and needs.

Wood, metal, and glass are the mainstays of Turkish office furniture. However, eco-friendly materials like bamboo and recycled plastic are becoming increasingly popular.

The delivery period can vary based on the manufacturer and the ordered product. However, the majority of Turkish office furniture manufacturers have relatively brief lead times, with typical delivery times of 2-6 weeks.

Yes. Private labeling is a common practice among furniture manufacturers; in fact, private labeling is highly prevalent in almost all manufacturing sectors in Turkey. Please note that a great number of Turkish manufacturers offer tailored solutions that fulfill specific requirements. This may involve modifying existing designs or developing entirely new ones.

Yes, the majority of Turkish office furniture manufacturers offer product warranties. The duration and conditions of the warranty can vary depending on the manufacturer and the product in question.

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